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    How To: Organic Customer Engagement

    Fri,Mar 30,2012 @ 09:10 AM | Posted by: Codie Lynn Thompson

    How To: Organic Customer Engagement

    I think most managers will agree with me on some level when I say it is difficult to train employees on how to engage with customers and clients. The reason being is that customer engagement isn’t always this one tangible thing or action that can be easily written into a handbook or manual.

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    Managers Must Engage!

    Mon,Dec 19,2011 @ 05:08 AM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

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    Engage with Employees

    Mon,Oct 11,2010 @ 09:54 AM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

    Companies know that engaging with their customers will give them an advantage in the long run, but what about engaging with your employees? Does a typical work day for you include coming in, sitting down at your desk to immediately begin the day and then leaving once the clock hits five? Or do you enter an upbeat atmosphere where everyone interacts with one another, and the day just seems to fly..

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    The 3 Don'ts of Webinars

    Wed,Sep 29,2010 @ 10:15 AM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

    Your audience is logged in and ready to go. You have your materials all set up and the clock is ticking down to start time. Pause. Are you really ready? Do you know how to make your presentation go successfully? There are a couple of things that speakers should practice, practice, practice before they begin going live with their webinars. Even the best presenter messes up sometimes, but multiple..
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    Webinars Take More Than Content

    Fri,Sep 17,2010 @ 09:20 AM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

    Engagement. It’s something we all strive for with our employees and customers because no one wants to listen to someone else talk endlessly. So, we try to come up with ways to interact and keep people on their toes. However, when it comes to webinars, this could possibly present a problem. Since you cannot see the person, you have no idea if they are bored or actively listening.

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    A New Way to Present

    Mon,Aug 23,2010 @ 09:48 AM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

    Plane trips. Hotel rooms. Expensive training sessions. All of these are a thing of the past with a new type of technology: webinars. Webinars are here to replace the original form of speaking presentations, and they are here to stay. These types of speaking engagements allow people to connect via the Internet as opposed to face-to-face. Participants all log in around the same time, and the..

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    Three Simple Techniques to Increase Sales

    Mon,Aug 09,2010 @ 12:03 PM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

         When it comes to making sales, you need more than luck. While it doesn’t hurt to have it, you need to have product knowledge and the ability to sell. Salespeople need to have great communication skills and be memorable. There are three techniques that a great salesperson uses to get in front of customers and make sales.

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    What Really Motivates Employees?

    Fri,Jul 16,2010 @ 10:47 AM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

    You’d be shocked to find out that employees are not motivated by money or incentives.What really drives them is progress.A study conducted by Teresa Amabile, a Harvardprofessor, asked 600 managers what they thought was the number one thing that motivated people in the workplace. Most believed that it was recognition, and guess what, they were wrong.Employees were than asked to document, via an..
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    Staying Silent Can Be Very Loud to Employees

    Fri,May 28,2010 @ 01:35 PM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

    I just spoke to a group about "Coaching Employees with Bad Attitudes" and it was a lot of fun. The thing that managers and leaders do not realize at times is when we do not confront or address employees with bad attitudes the "silence" is non-verbal permission to continue to behave that way. We must as leaders develop skills to confront issues and not people; therefore, we avoid the silence that..

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    Engagement is the most effective coaching tool

    Thu,Apr 22,2010 @ 09:38 AM | Posted by: Caitlin Robinson

    Engagement with your employees, is the most effective coaching tool we have.  What comes first and what comes last is remembered best, so engaging first thing in the morning, or right before the end of day is highly effective.  How are you beginning your morning, or leaving your team at the end of the day?  

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