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Attention Executives-Your Managers Need to Coach, but So Do You!

By Tim Hagen on Fri,Apr 21,2017 @ 12:59 PM

One of the questions I receive frequently from managers is about getting their managers or executive team to coach them. They often fear retribution if they bring it up- as if they are crossing a line. When we provide our program to organizations, everybody says you should start with the executive team, which I agree with, but often it gets pushed down to management levels below the executive team. Executives are incredibly busy today, but so are managers below this level!

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Welcome to Puzzle Place (Your Workplace Culture)

By Tim Hagen on Thu,Jun 02,2016 @ 12:00 PM

We talk about workplace cultures all the time. We should call it "Puzzle Place" because all the pieces have to fit together.  Organizations and their workplace cultures are really a collection of people-based interactions. The interactions could be among people, departments, the organization and customers, etc. We tend to lay a strategic blanket over the organization with surveys or engagement studies to look at trends of where people are engaged or not engaged. Kevin  Kruse wrote a great article in Forbes magazine talking about engagement and what it really means. He references employee engagement is not employee satisfaction and it's really the use of discretionary effort by employees when they are engaged (here is a link to that article:

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Coaching Culture Starts With the Manager to Employee Conversation

By Tim Hagen on Thu,May 12,2016 @ 01:00 PM

Last night I was on a conference call with a team of experts where  we are going to be doing a very innovative presentation as a panel on how to create a coaching culture. I was on a panel with a group of people that are far smarter than I could ever hope to be. It was one of the nicest and friendliest conversations I've ever had with a group of people. It kept hitting me throughout the conversation how much we talk about this thing called culture and workplace engagement as this entity that we have to go create.

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The Problem With Engagement Surveys

By Tim Hagen on Tue,May 10,2016 @ 11:17 AM

I keep seeing more and more products about getting employee feedback. There are more software companies that are helping organizations collect data specific to the workplace and how employees feel. I find these valuable but on the other hand I also find them very high level and not helping organization facilitate dialogue between management and employees.Companies conduct annual or biannual engagement surveys asking employees of their job satisfaction. It's been estimated in some studies over 70% of employees and corporate America are not happy with their jobs but then why are we doing such studies or surveys when we cannot deal directly with the employer?

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By Tim Hagen on Wed,Apr 20,2016 @ 08:32 AM

Cultures are set of interactions people have together to achieve a common goal. In today's workplace there are so many challenges facing employers such as the shared economy, competitors trying to hire way our top talent, under performing in nine connected employees, etc. These challenges beg the following five questions we believe every company should be held to answer and if not should serve as a source of inspiration to find answers:

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