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    Performance Reviews Aren't the Answer: Embrace Curiosity for Consistent Career Growth

    Wed,Nov 22,2023 @ 08:00 AM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

    Performance Reviews Aren't the Answer: Embrace Curiosity for Consistent Career Growth

    Everyone knows what those end-of-year performance reviews are like.

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    Unmasking Self-Awareness: The Key to Better Communication & Perception

    Thu,Aug 31,2023 @ 09:28 AM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

    Ready to challenge your self-perceptions? Prepare to have your understanding of self-awareness turned upside down as we uncover the truth that only amere 10% of us are genuinely self-aware, despite a staggering 95% of people believing they are.

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    2022 ... The Year of Coaching & Conversations

    Tue,Jan 04,2022 @ 01:24 PM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

    Let's be candid things are really sideways. The pandemic! The Great Resignation! Virtual Work! What's next? Not sure yet I do know leaders need to converse and coaching differently than they did two years ago, This video may help:

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    are you progressing?

    Thu,Mar 02,2017 @ 10:12 AM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

    A foundational building block at Progress Coaching is the knowledge that the number one factor that motivates people for success is a sense of progress. We didn’t just pull that out of the air. In an extensive study completed by Teresa Amabile out of Harvard Business School, 76% of participants felt most motivated when they had the sense that they were progressing or getting better at their job.

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    Thu,Apr 21,2016 @ 01:04 PM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

    Let's be honest we tend to deal with attitude only when it rears its ugly head. All too often managers and corporate America bring their employees into their office to give them that quick and swift attitude adjustment. You know, where we tell somebody to shape up or else and of course they magically do it right? That was a joke!

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    “I Don’t Need a Therapist”: Differences Between Coaching and Therapy

    Fri,Sep 04,2015 @ 11:33 AM | Posted by: Katie Allbee

    There’s a certain stigma surrounding the field of therapy, negative connotations arise when someone mentions the word, and begins to wonder the mental stability of the person in question. However, while it still maintains this stigma, the results of therapy have produced wondrous outcomes for the people who have taken advantage of it. The same can be said for a business that takes advantage of a..

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    The Importance of Using Coaching Questions

    Wed,Jul 22,2015 @ 12:25 PM | Posted by: Jordan Schmitz

    Coaching uses questions all the time. Questions are a great way to learn what your employee is thinking and how they would handle certain situations. As a coach, your goal is to lead the employee towards learning, progress, and solutions, while letting the employee discover these solutions for themselves. Questions are a great way to steer employees in the right directions without giving them..

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    Employee Connectivity: Coaching to Connect

    Mon,Jul 20,2015 @ 11:31 AM | Posted by: Jordan Schmitz

    Employee connectivity is generally overlooked when it comes to coaching. A lot managers may not understand the importance connectivity has, or maybe they just assume that employees develop it all on their own. Some employees will be able to form strong connections in all four categories without any coaching, but connections also need to be maintained. Connectivity is fragile, it can be there one..

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    Coaching Employee Engagement is Important!

    Wed,Jul 15,2015 @ 10:58 AM | Posted by: Jordan Schmitz

    Gallup organization's research shows that less than 30% of employees are truly engaged. However, it also states that 85% of employees who are engaged have said that they are going to stay with their current employer and are not looking for another job. 

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    Self-Development... What's in it For Them

    Mon,Jul 13,2015 @ 11:21 AM | Posted by: Jordan Schmitz

    Self-development can be a frustrating subject for coaches. Ultimately, the amount of self-development that an employee does is up to them. What employees might not know is that any self-development they do benefits the entire company. Your job as a coach is to inspire employees to pursue self-development. This is where WIFT comes in.

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