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Are You Resilient?

By Tim Hagen on Sun,Dec 13,2020 @ 12:22 PM

Honestly it's easy to answer "of course I am", yet be honest with yourself. Take some time and really listen and ask yourself what you can do to get to the highest level (discussed in the podcast) each and every day!

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Define It Before You Train or Coach

By Tim Hagen on Sun,Dec 13,2020 @ 11:59 AM

This is from a session at The Talent Development Think Tank run by Andy Storch. It's a process of defining expectations to train or coach to. This helps alleviate interpretations that often create inconsistency. Hope it helps!

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Allego is Changing The Sales Enablement World

By Tim Hagen on Wed,Dec 09,2020 @ 03:28 PM

This interview with Tim Kasida Strategic Partnership Executive at Allego. Tim has over 25 years of experience growing businesses through sales, alliance management and sales leadership positions at early stage and established software companies. Tim performed critical sales functions through IPOs at Exchange Applications and Unica Corporation.  At Allego Tim runs a team focused on sales to and through Sales Training & Sales Optimization Services companies.  Tim graduated from Northeastern University, in Business with a technology/engineering focus.

During this interview we discussed trends in the marketplace due to the covid crisis and how video based collaboration and coaching is dramatically helping  sales and service teams. 

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Progress Coaching Launches Micro-Coaching Workshops

By Tim Hagen on Mon,Dec 07,2020 @ 05:56 AM

Progress Coaching has created a unique approach to helping leaders become great coaches. The approach are Micro Coaching Workshops. Each workshop is only two hours in length, yet very targeted towards a situational challenge found in the workplace. Each workshop provides instruction, group activities, and partnered driven planning and practice sessions. For more information click here: SCHEDULE A MEETING

Our next micro coaching workshop is Coaching Resilience in 2021 on Dec 17, 2020 01:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada). We typically only have up to 20 people in the workshop. Register here: click here

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Four "Must Have" Sales Strategies For the Crisis

By Tim Hagen on Wed,Dec 02,2020 @ 03:15 PM

This episode will teach four fundamental sales coaching strategies that are guaranteed to help sales organizations and teams sprint out of the crisis ahead of the competition. The lessons are fundamental but strategic in terms of making an impact.

                                         I hope you enjoy it

If you would like to hear about our sales coaching program schedule some time with me:

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The # 1 Sales Coaching Strategy During This Crisis

By Tim Hagen on Wed,Dec 02,2020 @ 03:11 PM

The number one sales coaching strategy is so simple yet so many sales leaders and organizations do not use it . It's what we expect from professional athletes . It's what we expect from public speakers. Yet, for whatever reason we do not expect it from sales professionals.

                                          What is it ? Practice ! 

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Coaching to 2 Areas of Emotional Intelligence: Self-Awareness & Regulation

By Tim Hagen on Wed,Dec 02,2020 @ 03:09 PM

 Coaching to Emotional Intelligence is not an easy thing to do. The two major areas especially related to coaching are self awareness and self regulation. When people lack self awareness as well as lack the skills associated with self regulation this can be a wicked combination. This podcast lesson teaches a very fundamental strategy using a rule of engagement and reflective coaching to build self awareness as well as actions to pursue self regulation.

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What Does a Great Workplace Coach Do Daily?

By Tim Hagen on Wed,Dec 02,2020 @ 03:08 PM

What is the life of a great coach? Great coaches have a record and a set of notes focusing on each employee on their team. With that being said, they focus daily on three main things. 

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3 Skills Every GREAT Workplace Coach Must Have

By Tim Hagen on Wed,Dec 02,2020 @ 03:06 PM

This podcast reveals 3 simple things every leader coach in the cpriorate world can easily adopt and implement to build high powered teams!

NOTEInterested in Becoming a Great Workplace Coach? Check Out Our New Coaching Enthusiast Community Where We Teach & Work With You To Become A Great Coach: Get More Info: click here

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Developing Future Leaders at Your Credit Union

By Tim Hagen on Wed,Dec 02,2020 @ 03:04 PM

This episode teaches very specific strategies associated with high potential talent who have aspirations of becoming future leaders. It requires people to learn and practice the craft of leadership, feedback, coaching, handling conflict, etc. just to name a few to properly prepare someone to smoothly transition into future leadership positions.

Checkout Our New Credit Union Solutions: click here

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Coaching Saves Time ... Join Our Coaching Community

By Tim Hagen on Wed,Dec 02,2020 @ 03:03 PM

This podcast teaches why coaching saves time! Why coaching drives engagement. Why coaching retains top talent. Why The Coaching Enthusiast Community is the answer to help workplace coaches successfully apply coaching to the workplace. We have memberships for:

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Are Your Employees Coachable? 10 Minute Laster Lesson

By Tim Hagen on Wed,Dec 02,2020 @ 03:02 PM

This episode teaches a series of strategies to help understand the value of coachability as well as techniques to build coachability. We are progress coaching the bill to coachability assessment that teaches each employee's level of coachability as well as strategies to raise the coachability. If interested send us an email to 

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Coachability ... The Missing Piece?

By Tim Hagen on Wed,Dec 02,2020 @ 03:00 PM

It's so interesting we provide training and support for this providing coaching yet we seem to lose sight of the fact people receiving coaching & feedback also need to be trained & supported in their reception. What a great opportunity. Here are two charts we did  from polls on linkedin that are quite revealing:

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Coaching is a Give & Take Transaction

By Tim Hagen on Wed,Dec 02,2020 @ 02:57 PM

Here are the two polls we did on Linkedin that inspired this podcast:

If leaders were taught / retrained how to provide strength-based & constructive feedback what would the effect be on the workplace culture?

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Coaching SLOW Down & Maintain Cadence Watch TRUST Grow!

By Tim Hagen on Wed,Dec 02,2020 @ 02:55 PM

This episode teaches specific strategies of maintaining a thoughtful cadence and pace helping the coaching process improve with 3 simple strategies.

Note: checkout our new coaching community The Coaching Enthusiasts - here is our next informational webcast on this innovative approach to helping leaders become great workplace coaches: November 17th @ 1:00 om cst: Register: click here

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