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2021 Year of Conversational Excellence

Sun,Dec 27,2020 @ 01:06 PM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

As we enter 2021 we need our employees to come through for us and now more than ever. With that being said we have to be sensitive and empathetic while driving continuous change that will be thrust upon organizations. This requires conversational excellence and it is incumbent upon leaders to drive change positively while maintaining empathy and sensitivity.

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Subcultures Drive Workplace Cultures

Sun,Dec 27,2020 @ 01:05 PM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

Every organization has subcultures. Subcultures either promote or undermine what leaders want in terms of their desired workplace cultures. Guaranteed, every organization will have groups that are negative and are opinionated as well as those who positively want to influence and everything in between. There are some simple rules in this 22 minute podcast master lesson of how to create a positive..

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In 2021 It's Time To Work Our Ass Off!

Mon,Dec 21,2020 @ 12:19 PM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

I know this episode is going to potentially upset some people. The goal of this is to draw attention to an area I don't think we talk enough about and that is putting in a good day's work and really working hard. While the world has turned sideways I am all for addressing mental health and showing empathy and providing people an avenue for work life balance . I don't think those things should be..

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I Almost Did Not Practice What I Preach

Mon,Dec 21,2020 @ 12:16 PM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

I hope this episode helps you so you can help other people!

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Checkout IntHRaction

Mon,Dec 21,2020 @ 12:12 PM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

This episode is a quick review of a great platform I just recently saw called measures workplaces using a very unique strategy of peer based feedback that positions the organization to build its culture , provide leaders opportunity to coach to reality, and ultimately position the employee to grow and become embedded in the organization's plans.Checkout inHRaction: ..

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Want Better Workplace Coaching? Technology is NOT the Answer

Sun,Dec 13,2020 @ 12:27 PM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

This seven minute lesson will teach why technology alone is not the answer to workplace leaders becoming conversational coaches. The formula quite frankly is very simple. We tend to throw technology and problems when in fact it's good old human practice that the simple answer. I think you'll enjoy this podcast and please let us know your thoughts.

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2 Step Question Helps Build Great Customer Service!

Sun,Dec 13,2020 @ 12:24 PM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

This two-step question approach helps build great service levels while facilitating a strong emotional attachment to exchange.

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Are You Resilient?

Sun,Dec 13,2020 @ 12:22 PM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

Honestly it's easy to answer "of course I am", yet be honest with yourself. Take some time and really listen and ask yourself what you can do to get to the highest level (discussed in the podcast) each and every day!

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Define It Before You Train or Coach

Sun,Dec 13,2020 @ 11:59 AM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

This is from a session at The Talent Development Think Tank run by Andy Storch. It's a process of defining expectations to train or coach to. This helps alleviate interpretations that often create inconsistency. Hope it helps!

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Allego is Changing The Sales Enablement World

Wed,Dec 09,2020 @ 03:28 PM | Posted by: Tim Hagen

This interview with Tim Kasida Strategic Partnership Executive at Allego. Tim has over 25 years of experience growing businesses through sales, alliance management and sales leadership positions at early stage and established software companies. Tim performed critical sales functions through IPOs at Exchange Applications and Unica Corporation.  At Allego Tim runs a team focused on sales to and..

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