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    Coaching Remote Teams To Success Through Communication

    April 17, 2020 Posted by : Tim Hagen
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    This is a sample coaching map from our book series Coaching Conversations - we hope you find this helpful!


    Suggested Strategy:

    • Accountability and team engagement, group coaching via conference call if employees are remote, make the conference call solely dedicated as a coaching session.

    Suggested Questions:

    • Third-Party Question:  How do you think a third party observing our team would describe our communication?
    • Success Imperative:  What makes our team successful through ensuring every member is in the loop, knowing exactly what is happening with each member of the team?

    Suggested Activities:

    • Brainstorming:  Make a list together of how the team members think they would be currently described as a team. Then have them give you how they would ideally like to be described as a team. They should then come up with ideas of how to reach that ideal description together as a team.
    • Practice:  Create a plan together of how the team should report in on a regular basis to the team of what is currently happening with their activities. Have the members of the group pair off and practice giving updates of their current status.

    Suggested Learning Projects:

    • Self-Directed Learning:  Have the members of your team watch a sports team at some point in the week. What does the team do well together, and what could they have done better as a unit? Did the team accomplish a goal together? Each member of your team should email you and copy the rest of the team on an email with their observations along with how those observations could be translated to your team dynamic.
    • Tangible Successes:  Have each member of the team come back to your next coaching session with two to three specific examples of successful communication that they were either part of or observed that led to some level of success for the team.

    Supplemental Coaching Strategies:

    • Nonverbal Coaching:  When you are able to observe a member of the team practicing successful communication with other members of the team, mail the employee a handwritten card noting your appreciation for their efforts and sharing what they specifically did related to communicating with their teammates that caught your attention.


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