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    Don't Avoid This Word: Change

    October 13, 2010 Posted by : Caitlin Robinson
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    Whopper Freakout

         This funny video from Burger King helped reinforce two ideas: 1) People love the Whopper and 2) Change is not always welcomed. While I could go on and on about the Whopper (and how I much prefer McDonalds), the focus will really be on the second point.

         Change is a hard word to muster for most people. We don’t like it, and we don’t want it. However, it is necessary. If companies never changed, people would not be provided with a better service or a safer product. Businesses recognize that change is necessary, and that does not necessarily just apply to the product or service that they sell. Employees also need to experience change. There is always a new technique to try that could work better or a new way to prospect that could help them see more results. People know that change is for the best, but sometimes it takes someone outside of the office to come in and make sure it happens.

          Sales trainers are a great solution for companies. They can be brought in to conduct training programs that will help employees improve in areas such as customer service, attitude improvement or cold calling. Facilitating change is not easy, and managers are not always trained to properly encourage it; so, sales training can oftentimes be more efficient if it is conduct by someone else. For the most part, sales trainers have past experience in the field, and they know the exact problems employees may be having. It is their job to use the best methods and tools to guide people through their struggles and help them change.

         Progress is a result of change. Sales trainers provide the techniques that help employees to grow and to enhance their performance.
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