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Top Issues on Sales Leaders Minds for 2010- Training Techniques

January 15, 2010 Posted by : Caitlin Robinson
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In a recent blog entry from Selling Power, Ten Challenges on Sales Leaders Minds in 2010, they discussed the top issues that will be plaguing the minds of sales leaders in the upcoming 2010.  Issues 4 and 5 caught our attention because they hit so close to home for our company by discussing the need for improved training techniques.  We often write about the emerging need of managers who coach and non-traditional training programs to increase effectiveness.  Take a look at the excerpt below to see what they had to say.
“4. Sales managers are not sufficiently trained in coaching their salespeople, yet most sales leaders agree that of all their development initiatives, sales coaching will deliver the biggest payback.

Action step: There are a number of highly effective sales-coaching programs on the market. Select one that fits.

5. Customers have radically changed their buying behaviors. Traditional sales-training programs rely on obsolete tools that are ineffective to meet tomorrow’s sales challenges.

Action step: Bring customers to your sales-training sessions. Your salespeople will be eager to learn from them.”

For more information on coaching and non-traditional training check out our free resources page to download free whitepapers full of useful and relevant information.
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