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Specific Times and Ways to Use Positive Thinking in the Workplace

September 18, 2009 Posted by : Caitlin Robinson
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positive thinking, sales skills, Sales ProgressI was recently searching for interesting sales topics when a blog post title caught my eye: “The benefits of “Negative” and “Positive” people.  I was immediately intrigued.  It is ingrained in us to encourage positive thinking for increased success, what benefits could a negative person possibly have to offer?  The post went on to make interesting points on possible benefits like being able to see your business in a more realistic light, and also how they can help you select your target market.


This all got me thinking about the power of positive thinking and some real world business uses of the phenomena?  Here are some I found to be most useful:



Associate dull tasks with a bigger purpose.

There will always be tasks where we would rather waste time anywhere else than finish them.  By associating that task with a meaningful goal, those tasks may seem less mundane.   The intern in the mail room may not want to walk around delivering everyone’s mail, but if they think, “Hey I’m helping the people above me get their work done, which builds a stronger company for me to move up in over the following years,” his tasks take on a new sense of responsibility.



Fake it till you make it.

Everyone has skill areas that need improvement, but we shouldn’t let our shortcomings intimidate us away from an opportunity.  Sure you may be terrified of public speaking, but if you practice your presentation and don’t let on that you are nervous, eventually the perception of your brave face will become reality.


Quickly realize the first signs of stress and then switch your thinking.


Pinpoint your beginning reactions to stress so you can quickly change your mindset.  Typically tight shoulders or grinding of teeth tend to be classic first signs of stress, for you in particular it may be biting your nails, tapping your foot, or clicking your pen, what ever those first signs are… identify them.  Once you have learned to recognize these signs you can learn to take a break before you fly over the edge.  Whether it’s getting up and walking around, or a short YouTube video that makes you laugh, diffusing your stress will help you get back into a good frame of mind.


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