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Turning a Bad Sales Experince Into a Good Learning Experience

September 8, 2009 Posted by : Caitlin Robinson
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I want you to think back into your history of sales and pick out a memorable sales moment.  I would be willing to bet that many of you have settled on a sales situation that, at the time, seemed like the worst situation you would ever be in!

Now that time has passed you can certainly look back and say "that wasn't so terrible."  But what has happened from that day until this day.  You have found someway to make that bad sales experience, a good learning experience.  In order to survive and thrive in sales you must always try to learn no matter what the situation.  Here are some good questions to ask yourself after taking part in a bad sales experience:

1)  What was my role in creating this situation?

2)  What can I learn from this experience?

3)  How could I create a different outcome next time I run into a similar situation?

 At first, these questions might be hard to answer because of your frustration.  But after a little bit of time to reflect you should try to answer all three questions.  After answering these questions, you will now have the opportunity to learn, grow, and turn your next sales experience into a success!


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