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    Let Customers Create Your Training! WIN BIG!

    November 30, 2015 Posted by : Tim Hagen
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    Let Customers Create Your Training! WIN BIG!

    What if customers could define your training that would provide you an opportunity to  differentiate your company right? WOW what an advantage that would be. How should a company do that void of simply doing the annual client feedback survey that is rarely put into actionable development?

     The one thing I've always realized is that most employees if any at all will ever argue with the fact that if the customer has a great experience that's a good thing. What if the customer defined exactly what they were looking for in terms of their interactions or reception of a product or service? Wouldn't that provide a unique advantage to companies not only finding those things out but trained and coached employees to deliver exactly that?

    The customer experience is really a second sales agent as it's been estimated it takes seven times greater the effort to get a new prospect than to keep the customer you already have; therefore, the customer experience becomes a tool for revenue generation. If organizations had a constant and continuous flow of information from customers detailing their desired expectations and how they want to be treated this would create an in-depth look at the behaviors and skill sets required to deliver such wishes. This would be an incredible advantage for any company who did this!

    1. Survey and  Detail One Commitment to Clients - one of the best things we can do is literally survey our customers but create a communication strategy of what we found in what is going to be put into action based on their feedback. This builds trust and greater client loyalty.
    2. A Client Feedback Session - this session brings customers actually into the facility where they provide in-depth feedback on both the positive as well as constructive experiences they've had and desire.
    3. 3rd Party Phone Survey - some people really struggle with providing constructive feedback; therefore, higher third-party agency to make such calls. This provides an open forum that is comfortable for all parties.
    4. Employee feedback calls - literally have staff call customers on a quarterly basis and ask for feedback on their performance and what might be missing. This call alone is a strong point of differentiation most companies simply do not do or find ways such as no time to do so.

    Customers seek a great experience but often do not realize what they are seeking unless asked. It is so simple but if we ask customers what they were seeking and what they desired and we mapped our training and coaching to facilitate just that who do you think will win?

    We have created a system to do exactly what this blog is stating: Coming soon Get Your Client Pulse: To Get More Information: click here

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    Clients Should Define Your Team!

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    Tim Hagen

    Tim Hagen founded Progress Coaching, a Training Reinforcement Partner Company, in 1997. His entrepreneurial career began in college leading to positions in sales, sales management, and sales training for small and large corporations, and eventually ownership of several training companies. Tim is often a keynote speaker at companies teaching the value of coaching and conversations in the workplace. He possesses a unique combination of hands-on experience, academics, and innovative insight to solve the industry’s most common challenges specific to workplace performance. Tim holds a bachelor’s degree in Adult Education and Training from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

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