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    Clients Should Define Your Team!

    December 2, 2015 Posted by : Tim Hagen
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    Clients Should Define Your Team!

    What is a great team? What do clients want? So often we define things from the inside out versus the outside in. What if client defined their expectations of how teams should work together as teammates and then we did it - wouldn't that provide a great advantage in the marketplace?

    We often hear about engagement studies or the voice of the customer or customer surveys, but rarely do we hear how people use these strategically to drive performance development in direct connection to client expectations. This in itself provides an incredible opportunity.

    What if we ask clients to rate us on some of the following areas:

    • Friendliness
    • Product knowledge
    • Trust
    • Rapport
    • Active listening skills
    • Ability to understand customer needs


    What if we asked rating questions that really helped pinpoint customer's perception of our knowledge, skill-based abilities, attitudes to be helpful, etc.  and then used the data to craft out a training and coaching approach? What if managers could review this data with their teams and asked the following questions:

    • What do we need to do as teammates to present a united front in regard to the customer's responses?
    • How do we need to act successfully as great teammates so customers walk away with a sense of WOW?
    • What are two things you personally need to do to successfully support the team in creating a consistent and flawless customer experience?
    • What do each one of you need to do to specifically improve to become a successful teammate and more importantly what are you going to do to facilitate that change?
    • Note: The goal of these questions is to provide perspective to staff in direct correlation to the perspectives shared by customers. The questions are framed in such a way that there is accountability and ownership of change so movement is in the direction of meeting those expectations by customers.

    See we tend to demand great teamwork but when we can demand teamwork from a sense of what the customer has shared and managers cannot only coach to it but leverage it from a management perspective. Great teams need to be defined but should not be defined in a bubble. Client perception and perspective based feedback is invaluable and can help define areas of performance development need.

    Coming Soon "Get Your Client Pulse" where we measure client feedback and auto-deliver training and coaching to the assessment results: click here for more info

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    Tim Hagen

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