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Coaching Methods to Use to Reinforce Training

April 10, 2014 Posted by : Jackie Dhein
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Your employees just returned from their one or two-day workshop and now they are ready to apply what they learned.  Well, that may work in the short term; but what happens a few months later?   They either have forgotten what they learned or never utilized anything they learned in the first place.  Therefore, they would most likely need to attend another workshop or training seminar which is a waste of time and more importantly a waste of money.  That’s where these workshops or seminars fall short.  What was taught to the employees needs to be reinforced and continuously practiced through training reinforcement.  Statistics show that employees are more likely to remember and put into practice what they have learned if their managers are providing reinforcement.  It is the responsibility of the manager or supervisor to make sure that their employees are continuously being educated and trained.  There are many coaching methods that managers can use to help reinforce training of the employee’s skills, knowledge or behavior.  Here are a few of the methods that can be used for training reinforcement:

Peer to Peer Coaching

This method saves the managers’ time as the employees work together without their presence. However, the manager needs to set up the session and when completed have the results reported back.  This method allows the employees to work together on a performance challenge they may have.  Pair up co-workers where one has strengths and the other has weaknesses; you will see both employees improve and your sales team’s performance increase.


One-on-one coaching gives managers the opportunity to sit down with each individual team member and help them in a way that works for them. The manager can give them projects to complete and then provide feedback to them. This type of coaching is the most effective when the manager is present for reinforcement.

Group Coaching

This technique allows the manager to put role-playing into action. While the activity may seem tedious, it does actually help inside salespeople improve their skills and prepare them for the real world. Have your team practice with each other on issues such as how they would approach confronting price objections or handling angry customers, etc.

These three coaching methods are effective ways for managers to reinforce training with their team.  In order to see your sales increase and your average salesperson become a great salesperson, make training reinforcement a part of your management process. 


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