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    Sales Team Learning Boosters ... Are You Doing Them?

    February 8, 2014 Posted by : Tim Hagen
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    One of the best things I've heard recently is a term called Learning Boosters. The learning booster is a short item or session that reinforces training this could be an article he could be a practice session could be a coaching session with your boss or manager it could be reviewing the small video or audio, etc. the key to successful training is to reinforce it with learning boosters. Adults today learn best when the material directly pertains to that so the information or learning boosters should be in direct correlation to what performance. They need to improve as well as drawing upon the real world for feedback


    An example might be a sales team who needs to improve their prospecting. They may attend a one-day workshop or online course on the newest and latest techniques for prospecting. Series of learning boosters could be short audio snippets, short lessons on how to use LinkedIn to find new prospects, videos on cold calling techniques, etc. The trick is then to ask the sales team to share what they learned as well as how they will apply the information to the day-to-day activities. This breeds learner accountability as well as real world application. The sharing can be done via email or in a small group discussion. 


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