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    Save Time Selling ... Things are Changing Fast for Sales Teams

    November 5, 2019 Posted by : Tim Hagen
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    One of the most startling from a variety of sources is that over 70% of buyers in a B2B world today make their decision forever talking to a sales rep. WOW! What is a sales rep to do? It is imperative that sales people and teams reinvent themselves. We have to automate and streamline some of the mundane tasks such as prospecting, phone dialing, proposal generation, etc. The time-saving has to be reinvested into practices that allow salespeople to get in on the front part of the buying process. Here's a brief list of action salespeople can now take:

    1. Deliver webinars and position themselves the thought leaders and subject matter experts. 

    2. Write blog as an industry expert again positioning themselves as thought leaders and subject matter experts. 

    3. Use social media platforms like LinkedIn to share industry news, not their information about their products or services.

    4. Connect and network with as many people as possible.

    The above list is a little vague and ambiguous sales rep should seek knowledge and skills to facilitate such actions. Becoming more and more apparent is buyers are looking for information and research to make their decisions which elevates the need for sales reps to position themselves as experts.

    Now, what tools help you save time? Below is a very brief list of products that will save you exponentially a ton of time to reinvent yourself salesperson into a subject matter expert:

    1. AutoKlose: Autoklose is a platform that allows you to automate your email marketing. This platform allows you to create a sequence of emails to go out on a cadence of your choosing to help promote webinars or landing pages or any promotional offering. Instead of typing and manually sending this platform streamlines email marketing using a cadence of messaging that allow salespeople while talking to prospects and customers to continually market and promote their services and products. It is simply a brilliant platform that is easy to use and set up in a matter of minutes.
    2. PhoneBurner: This platform allows you to automate your dialing sequences when making phone calls. Instead of picking up the phone and manually dialing each number this platform in its most simplistic value dials the next number for you as well as leaves prerecorded voicemail messages when prospects do not answer. It is not uncommon to make as many as 60 to 75 calls in an hour due to the fact that the platform takes out some of the timely mundane tasks such as picking up the phone and dialing and leaving voicemail messages.
    3. Linkedin: this is an obvious suggestion here's just a few tips. First, have someone manage your account by copying and pasting the message into the target audience search by asking for connections. Second, use sales navigator to update your lists and when new people enter that list connect with them right away. This seems so simple if you have someone doing this for you in your office such as a sales assistant you can connect with as many as 20 to 30 new people every single day in a fraction of the time.

    BONUS: On Dec 13, 2019 11:00 AM Central Time We Will Be Hosting a Free Webinar "The New Sales Rep" Where We Will Teach and Demonstrate Some of These Strategies: Register Here: click here

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