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    I Hate Chrismas in the Corporate World (LOL)

    December 26, 2023 Posted by : Tim Hagen
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    I Hate Chrismas in the Corporate World (LOL)

    Do you ever feel that the Christmas spirit in the workplace is, well, a little too confined to just the festive season? Speaking from personal experience, having my birthday on Christmas Eve has always made me question the authenticity of the season's cheer - when appreciation and thankfulness seem like obligations wrapped in tinsel and bows.

    This one is a candid conversation about my frustrations with the corporate world's approach to Christmas and a challenge to the status quo of seasonal gratitude. I firmly argue that appreciation should not be boxed into the holiday season. What if we could break away from the norm, expressing gratitude to clients and colleagues at unexpected times and through unexpected means?

    Let's talk about infusing our daily interactions with the ethos of thankfulness and kindness that we associate with Christmas. Because, quite frankly, shouldn't we strive to carry the warmth and positivity of the holiday season into our everyday lives? Join me in fostering better corporate cultures and leadership by simply extending the spirit of Christmas beyond December. Let's redefine the corporate Christmas narrative together.

    I'm going to make a really interesting declaration, and I'm posting this a day after Christmas. I hate Christmas in the corporate world, and here's why.

    Christmas, to a certain extent, draws attention to our laziness. Before I offend anybody, I'm also a little jaded because my birthday is Christmas Eve. Yes, people double up. Here's your birthday and Christmas gift.

    I've never had a birthday party as an adult, ever. It's okay. I think my kids are more important, my wife's more important, and it's tough to do right. I get it. Yet what I don't like in the corporate world is we send all these Christmas cards, and we were just talking about some gifts for our clients, and I said, "You know what? I don't want to send it around Christmas time. I don't want to blend in. We should be doing stuff around the 4th of July, or let's send it four weeks beforehand."Christmas Corporate Img1

    We shouldn't be thankful when people are expecting us to be thankful. Yes, during the holidays, we should be thankful. Yet, as a corporate entity, we should be saying thank you to our customers and to our fellow people. We should be doing it with emails. With handwritten notes. We should be doing it all the time, everybody. We have to really invest in each other on a daily basis. Honestly, I see a difference in people during the holidays. They're friendlier, they're happier. You should be nice and happy all the time.

    If we just had Christmas every single day, our cultures would be so much better, our leadership would be so much better, and the reception toward leadership would be so much better.

    Ways to Show Kindness & Thankfulness In the Workplace (All Year Long):

    • Send a hand-written thank-you note to a teammate, supervisor, and to someone you saw doing something nice or working extra hard.

    • Praise someone in a meeting for something they did or said.

    • Praise someone to their manager/leader.

    • Random Acts of Kindness such as tidying up the break room (if in person) or send an appreciative email or chat message to someone on a virtual call, or liking/sharing one of their social media posts (if allowed by your company policy).

    • Introduce yourself to someone new in the building or organization.

    • Offer to make an introduction between a colleague and someone who may be interested in their work or a networking opportunity.

    • Offer to help someone on a project or task.

    • Send a small gift such as a plant, succulent, or gift card to their favorite store.

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