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    Elevate Your Leadership with Coaching Champions

    December 18, 2023 Posted by : Tim Hagen
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    Elevate Your Leadership with Coaching Champions

    What if the key to tipping the scales to favor a more engaged and positive team is already within your reach? Imagine turning the shocking statistic of only 2.9 out of 10 team members being positively engaged in and fostering a thriving, productive environment.

    We share the concept of 'Coaching Champions', a revolutionary approach designed to bring about a positive change in your team. We describe the intricate process of identifying and nurturing Coaching Champions - individuals within your team who possess the potential to boost positivity and tackle negativity. They may not be in direct managerial roles, but their influence is substantial.

    We share insights on how you can model them into partners in leadership and vital parts of succession planning. We don't stop there-- we delve into the often ignored, but crucial aspect of challenging complacency and fostering intervention, equipping your Coaching Champions to navigate these waters successfully. Let's elevate your leadership strategy!

    When we think about an organizational infrastructure, the numbers are stacked against leaders. Here's why.

    With leaders managing a team of 10 people, according to Gallup, 71% of them are neutral or actively disengaged. Those are startling numbers. That means only 2.9 out of 10 team members are positively engaged. What do we do as leaders? We keep giving them the ball. As coaches, we keep passing them the ball because we know they're going to catch it, and we enable the 7.1 players to be average or below average. So, how do we tip those scales? How do we put the numbers in our favor as leaders?

    Create Coaching Champions.Coaching image

    We implemented a program called Coaching Champions. A Coaching Champion is an influential coach, somebody who does not have direct management responsibilities yet, someone who was taught two fundamental high-level things with a great deal of in-depth strategy. Those are:

    1. To look for positivity and recognize it.

    2. To learn coaching and reframing techniques to challenge those people who are being negative and are struggling with maintaining positivity.

    The influential coach becomes a partner to the leader. It's great for succession planning.

    We often think that coaching is this downward trajectory. I think it's a huge mistake. I think coaching also has to come from within.

    Here's where I'll say something leaders won't like.

    Your people talk about you. They have an opinion on whether you're a good leader or not.

    I'm in a company right now with really young employees. We learn things in our childhood. When a parent goes to the teacher or the coach and they complain, we teach our kids, "It's not you." We need to learn how to complain. There isn't a parent in the world who has said, "Son/Daughter, make sure you complain."

    We get in the workplace, and we have to understand that behaviors are observed; they're modeled. We have to tip the scales in our favor. Observe and model positivity.

    Leaders, who's that person(s) on your team that you think someday would be great leaders? Get them used to it now.

    Here's the great thing about a Coaching Champion program. It's not about confronting other people. We teach how to do it in a very safe and professional environment where risk isn't an issue, meaning challenging someone can be a very safe thing to do.

    What happens a lot in companies? People walk by the water cooler, and they hear three people complaining. Those three people think, "That person walked by and didn't say anything, they must agree with us." But the person didn't say anything. Do you know why they don't want to say anything? It's not worth the hassle.

    Get a Coaching Champion program in place to tip the scales in your favor.

    If you are looking for a way to strengthen your organization, ask about our Coaching Champion Certification program, where we take everyday employees and use everyday conversations to strengthen the organization's culture. Coaching Champions inspire and motivate others and professionally challenge those who struggle with positivity.

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