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    4 Sales Training Techniques to Give You a Competitive Edge

    May 9, 2012 Posted by : Codie Lynn Thompson
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    4 Sales Training Techniques to Give You a Competitive Edge

    With millions of companies out there, how do you make yours stand out? You need to have a competitive edge. Sure, you can have flashy promotions and expensive advertisements to draw customers, but it is going to be your employees that make or break a sale. 

                                             Sales without Customer
                                        Service is like stuffing money
                                           into a pocket full of holes.
                                                -DAVID TOOMAN

          Managers need to make sure that sales reps have extensive knowledge of product, but more than that, they need to be personable, friendly and there for their customer’s needs. Higher-level management should provide sales teams with constant coaching so that they can land more clients. When it comes to sales training, there are four steps that managers need to take in order to be successful: 

    1. Base Training
    Base training usually comes in the form of a workshops, webinars or e-learning courses. The sessions should be short, and they should occur over a period of time. It is important to recognize that training reinforcement is necessary because, as a study by Sales Performance International found, participants in sales training seminars forget half of what is taught within 5 weeks.

    2. Practice
    Practice sessions do not need to be painful or even uncomfortable. Facilitating practice or role-play sessions is critical for people to develop positive and consistent selling habits.

    3. Coaching
    Coaching does not mean telling an employee what to do when they have a problem. Instead, managers need to help sales reps through their issue. It is about asking questions and letting reps come to the decision or solution on their own

    4. Feed the Mind
    The key to feeding the salesperson’s mind is to facilitate learning using simple things like books and articles.  A critical component of doing this is to build in accountability.

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