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    Alyssa Nowak

    Alyssa Nowak

    Alyssa comes to Progress Coaching from the banking and mortgage world, but has been doing a different version of coaching with seven years of club and high school volleyball coaching experience. Making the connection from there to being a Coaching Strategist was almost a no-brainer, and she now has the opportunity to translate her volleyball coaching experiences into helping clients grow as coaches themselves.
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    Evaluating the Employee-Manager Relationship

    Tue,Oct 16,2018 @ 08:53 PM | Posted by: Alyssa Nowak

    “What do I do when I feel as though my relationship with my coaching candidate is not bringing about the results I’m looking for? I feel as though I’ve been working with them forever but not finding success!”

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    The Power of Goal-Setting

    Thu,Oct 11,2018 @ 02:46 PM | Posted by: Alyssa Nowak

    When we think about what motivates us in our jobs, it comes down to something we want to achieve – the next big promotion, a pay raise, or the respect of our peers. But what is really behind those things? What do we truly want to accomplish for ourselves? That promotion may really mean job security for some, or a sense of progress for others. The pay raise? Financial security or savings for..

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    Coaching the Person, Not the Personality

    Mon,Oct 08,2018 @ 07:30 AM | Posted by: Alyssa Nowak

    So many times in my job, I get a lot of questions like, “how do you coach to engagement study results?” Questions like that remind me that so many engagement studies are based on personality tests, blanketing entire groups of individuals who are just that – INDIVIDUAL! So how can an engagement study accurately portray the personalities of each person on your team by putting them into categories..

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    It's Game Time: How Engaged Is Your Team?

    Fri,Oct 05,2018 @ 09:00 AM | Posted by: Alyssa Nowak

    When thinking about coaches of athletes, we typically picture the in-game situations. High-intensity, focused instruction paired with cheers and positive affirmations are the general structure of a coach’s interactions with players in a game or match. But what about practices? How does the coach play a part outside of the intense game play in helping the individuals they are coaching become..

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    My Employee Isn't Engaged: Are They Worth Coaching?

    Thu,Oct 04,2018 @ 08:00 AM | Posted by: Alyssa Nowak

    I think every manager, leader, supervisor, trainer and coach has had this thought at some point in their career: What do I do with someone that isn’t engaged – are they even worth coaching? Gut instinct says, “You can’t change the way a person is.” However, after some consideration of a strategy, you can help the individual find their place. Often, lack of engagement comes from either lack of..

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    Inspiration From Outside Your Company - What's Yours?

    Fri,Sep 21,2018 @ 08:00 AM | Posted by: Alyssa Nowak

    Maybe it comes from an idol – someone you’ve looked up to for ages. Maybe it comes from something that motivates you personally at home. Maybe it’s an interaction you had with someone that gave you a huge boost of confidence. Whatever that maybe is for you, everyone has a source for inspiration to be the greatest that comes from outside your company’s walls.

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    So When Do I (And When Do I Not) Coach?

    Tue,Sep 18,2018 @ 10:23 AM | Posted by: Alyssa Nowak

    Many people have been in a situation where they are questioning if it is “their place” to step in to coach someone else. In determining your role as a coach, there are factors that should be taken into consideration, such as the impact that your coaching might have on the situation, your relationship to the individual, and that individual’s supervisor if you are not it.

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    120-Second Interactions for the Front Line

    Fri,Mar 09,2018 @ 10:00 AM | Posted by: Alyssa Nowak

    Think of the number of interactions we have each day – how many of those interactions are more than two minutes long? And at the end of the day, how my of those interactions do we actually remember? When we have conversations, being prepared is the key to helping your customers love what you have to offer them in a short amount of time, not just with your product or service, but with you as a..

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    Positivity Equals Productivity

    Wed,Mar 07,2018 @ 10:00 AM | Posted by: Alyssa Nowak

    Leaving little notes on your employees’ desks, taking 30 seconds out of your day to let someone know something specific that they have done that you appreciate, or calling a meeting just to let your team know that what they do is appreciated are all ways that positivity can drive a positive and productive workplace atmosphere. So what happens when positivity is missing?

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    The Parent Coach

    Tue,Mar 06,2018 @ 10:08 AM | Posted by: Alyssa Nowak

    There are two sides to parenting – the enforcer, and the pleaser. Most parents try to opt for the middle: represented by the coach. In many ways, the middle ground in parenting and coaching is the balance between enforcer and pleaser - someone who looks to lead but must also follow the cues given by those we are trying to coach, whether those people are our children, our employees, or our sports..

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