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Do Your Employees Feel Connected?

June 8, 2015 Posted by : Jordan Schmitz
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John drags himself out of bed every morning, drives to work, sits down at his desk, and stares at his computer all day, waiting for his work day to be over. He avoids talking to his coworkers and dreads having to communicate with his manager. All he thinks about is being able to leave. John has little to no connectivity. 

Being connected to the work place is essential for employees to stay motivated and achieve their goals. Employees like John have no relationship to their company, coworkers, or managers, and therefore are not motivated to be at work or to progress and build skills. 

As a coach it is your responsibility to encourage this kind of connectivity in the workplace. Here are a few tips to help you build a connected coaching culture with your employees.

Vision: Have a strong vision that employees identify with and that gives their work meaning and encourages engagement.

Value: This refers to the value of people, organizations show they value their employees by making sure they are in the right role for their particular strengths, talents, etc. 

Voice: Vision and voice come together in companies that give employees a voice from the bottom to the top and back. Having that connection between everyone at the company shows that everyone is important and everyone is needed for the company to be productive. 

Connections take time to develop, and as a coach it can be frustrating when someone doesn't connect right away, but patients is importance. Trying to force a connection can cause an employee to become even more distant and disengaged. Coaching can help build connections that last a very long time. 


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