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    Being a Sales Coach Vs. Being a Manager

    July 24, 2012 Posted by : Tim Hagen
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    There is certainly some gray area between management and coaching, and when each type of leadership is needed. Here is a rough example, if an employee is continuously late for work, reprimanding them is probably a management issue. There is not really a performance issue to be addressed per se. On the other hand, an employee who constantly misses deadlines may be lacking time management skills.  This is a performance-based issue in describe the imageneed of coaching. A good coach can see the difference between the two, and know what leadership type is appropriate.

    Management often struggle with the concept of coaching and how to go about executing it due to two main issues:

    1. One it’s easier and quicker to just dictate to employees and not engage.
    2. Second, managers have a fear of coaching. They fear they do not have time, that it will expose them to being vulnerable in front of employees, or that they are unequipped to conduct coaching effectively.

    These issues are common, but they are poor excuses when it comes to developing employees.

    Are you a manager, or a coach?


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