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Invest Everyday in Employee's Happiness and Effort to Improve Will Increase

May 9, 2010 Posted by : Tim Hagen
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I was just asked a question by a client in regard to starting their coaching program. I asked what she meant and she said I would have no idea because there are so many things my teams need to improve. It was at that moment I realized most people think coaching is about "only" improving things when in reality the way to truly motivate and develop areas of needed improvement is to leverage what they do well.


Here is what I said to my client: "Start with the good things for those will open their minds to the areas they need to improve". Look, so many employees feel they are only told what they do wrong; therefore, if you counter this by focusing equally if not more. Employees almost get embarrasses at times with this which is a sign they may not hear it enough.


Here are suggestions of keeping your coaching positive and engaging with your employees:


  1. Focus on positive things
  2. Acknowledge them specifically
  3. Make employees you appreciate their effort in the area you are recognizing (this helps develop the mentality to keep doing what you are doing but also it helps promote effort
  4. Be creative in recognition using cards, sticky notes, emails copied to upper management, etc.
Stay focused on the good things for this opens the door to the areas people need to improve.
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