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    The Champion's Guide to Redefining Workplace Culture

    September 22, 2023 Posted by : Tim Hagen
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    Want to become the catalyst that transforms your workplace culture?

    We dive into the core of fostering positivity and combating negativity with a unique perspective on the role of a Coaching Champion - a change agent who transcends leadership boundaries.

    We'll equip you with four key strategies to champion positivity, from acknowledging exemplary work to coaching upper-level management to hunt for positivity. 

    Navigating the murky waters of workplace negativity need not be a daunting task. We delve into the art of challenging and reframing negativity safely and effectively. Learn how empathetic, action-oriented questions can help you turn the tide on negative attitudes. Discover how casual, non-confrontational language can steer the conversation from frustration to overcoming obstacles.

    Below is a treasure trove of practical wisdom that empowers you to foster a culture of improved teamwork, collaboration, communication, and leadership.

    So, let us together redefine the contours of your workplace culture.

    Four Actions a Coaching Champion Can Take to Improve the Workplace Culture

    What is a Coaching Champion? A coaching champion is a leader and a non-leader who protects the workplace culture.

    The first objective of a Coaching Champion is to promote, acknowledge, and reward positivity.

    The second objective, albeit simplistically, is to challenge those people who are struggling with positivity.

    Action #1: Acknowledge and Reward Teammates

    Point out that someone is doing a great job and you wanted to take the opportunity to share that with everyone. Promote positivity and help maintain positive mindsets throughout the organization.

    Action #2: Send an Email to Upper Management

    Promote what someone is specifically doing really well to upper-level management.

    Why are these two first actions really important?

    First of all, people need to hear positivity. Positivity is one of the top factors that influence culture. We're also coaching upper-level management through positivity to look for positivity.

    Now, let's talk about challenges. If we see someone exhibiting a negative mentality, attitude, or tendency, we embark on action #3.

    Action #3: Challenge Negativity Safely Using Reframing

    Challenge that person safely using a reframing technique.

    1. First, acknowledge that they're frustrated. Don't tell them not to be frustrated because they already are frustrated.

    2. Ask what you can do to assist them. Here's an example of what that dialogue looks like:

    "First of all, I understand you're frustrated. What can I do to assist you to overcome this? Or what are you going to do to overcome this?"

    That's called a self-actualized question. Self-actualized questions reframe their mind in that instant. Doesn't magically make them more positive people. It gets them to look at the situation differently.

    Action #4: Challenge Someone Who's Struggling

    The safe way to challenge someone who's struggling is to approach them in a casual manner with non-confrontational language. You're not a boss or supervisor, you're a friend at that moment. An example is:

    "Look, I understand you're frustrated. What are you going to do to overcome this? I wanted to let you know I'm here if you need some help. I would love to help you if you're cool with that."

    A Coaching Champion is a person who is a leader or a non-leader who uses everyday conversations to coach, reframe, and help people move in a positive direction. There are four main actions they participate in:

    Action #1: Acknowledge & Reward Positivity

    Action #2: Promote Positivity to Upper Management

    Action #3: Challenge Negatvitiy with Reframing

    Action #4: Challenge Someone Who's Struggling with Negativity

    A bonus action a Coaching Champion could take is to ask the following question:

    "What are the first two steps you should take to overcome this?" That triggers the person's brain to think about two things to overcome what makes them frustrated, and not to focus on the 'why.'

    Remember, build up a Coaching Champion program. Build up Coaching Champions inside your workplace culture, and you will improve teamwork, collaboration, communication, leadership, delivery, leadership, and reception.

    If you are looking for a way to strengthen your organization, ask about our Coaching Champion Certification program, where we take everyday employees and use everyday conversations to strengthen the organization's culture. Coaching Champions inspire and motivate others and professionally challenge those who struggle with positivity.

    Get More info Here: click here.

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