Silent Transformation: Harnessing Coaching Automation for Self-Awareness and Personal Growth

    April 8, 2024 Posted by : Tim Hagen
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    Silent Transformation: Harnessing Coaching Automation for Self-Awareness and Personal Growth

    Picture a meeting transformed into a silent, reflective haven, where the only sound is clicking keyboards as participants respond to powerful quotes and questions. This innovative approach to automated coaching has sparked a new level of inspiration and focus in individuals, proving that sometimes silence speaks louder than words. How did we utilize technology to foster self-awareness and motivation, all without uttering a single command or piece of advice?

    We're sharing the story of a client team rejuvenated by the profound messages of Denzel Washington, all presented through video. The silent backdrop and carefully selected multimedia content created a deep emotional and intellectual awakening, driving individuals to introspection and heightened self-awareness.

    During our coaching technology month, we're spotlighting the dynamic synergy between AI tools and personal coaching, offering insights on how you can implement such groundbreaking strategies to ignite change and personal growth within your own teams.

    I'd like to share with you something we did last year with one of our communities. We presented a 45-minute webinar in-person meeting with no sound. Instead, we played quotes. In this running pre-built presentation we gave on Zoom, we presented a quote, and every three minutes the slide transitioned where participants had to write into the text or chat feature the answers to these two questions:

    • What does the quote mean to you?

    • How will you take action to support a quote like this?

    At the end of the presentation, we asked people a rating question. Over 80% of the people who attended (around 40 people) said they felt more inspired, more motivated, and more focused.

    Here's the funny thing. We automated the delivery of a slide presentation. Not rocket science, right? Yet, I controlled the environment. Every three minutes they had to answer a question or two. It breaks down into self-awareness.

    Questions drive self-awareness. You cannot go up to someone with a negative attitude and say, "Geez, Bob, your attitude sucks." Bob will never respond, "Oh gosh, Tim, you're right. Thank you so much for the epiphany." Unless they are being sarcastic. No, they become resistant or defensive. Yet quiet time, reflection, and answering questions drive self-awareness.

    Let me introduce you to something called coaching automation.

    What if you could automate the delivery of content, questions, quotes, or thoughts to get people thinking? Here's another example.

    We did this at one of our client sites who really struggled with motivation in their teams. One of my favorite videos for motivation is Denzel Washington's Best Inspirational speech (that "broke the internet") from June 2017 in his acceptance speech at the NAACP Image Awards. Denzel Washington talks about motivation. He said, "Fall down seven, get up eight." Yes, life's going to be hard, and he has that voice that really gets to you. We played three videos (about four minutes each), and after each video, the participants had to write what they took away from the video and what they would do to support the message they heard. We gave them two to three minutes to answer those questions, as well as asked them to write down where they may have gaps and opportunities to raise their behavior and mentality to meet what was said in the videos. The whole presentation and answering took about 30 minutes.

    Afterward, we asked people how they felt. Over 90% said they felt better. Just within 30 minutes. By the way, I didn't speak a word the whole time. I did not coach nor ask the questions. I automated the delivery of these videos.

    Think about coaching automation. Think about sending quotes, lessons, or videos coupled with questions that will drive self-awareness, thought-provoking perspective, insight, and potentially mindset change.

    Since April is coaching technology month, consider pairing coaching automation using artificial intelligence with direct in-person coaching of your teams. Inspire and motivate using coaching automation tools in conjunction with human-facing leadership.

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