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    How to Never Lose Your Job to Technology

    July 27, 2017 Posted by : Tim Hagen
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    People often worry that their jobs will one day be stolen by robots. Some even go so far as to avoid getting a job in a field they feel is especially threatened by artificial intelligence. Which fields are safe? How does one avoid a technology takeover?

    There is only one thing humans will always be able to do better than technology: communicate. Robots may outperform humans at many skills, but the connection two people are able to make through conversation could never be replicated. This is why humans are much better suited for customer service jobs than robots, despite the fact that robots may be deemed more efficient. Although robots can complete tasks faster than humans, they can’t smile and chat with a customer while solving an issue. Sometimes, that little bit of humanity makes a huge difference.

    Don’t believe me? Think about it. When you call a customer service line about a problem you’re having with a product, how do you feel when an automated system answers the phone versus an actual person? I always find myself relieved when I’m connected with a real human who, although not always flawlessly, can answer any questions I have. Even when an automated system does answer the phone, there is almost always a way to get in contact with a person instead.

    The fact that customer service jobs are not so easily replaced by technology illustrates the value of communication. In a world where technology can be found nearly everywhere we turn, it is refreshing to see a human face across from the checkout line at the grocery store or on the other end of a phone call.

    This is why it’s such a shame to find out that employers are having trouble finding applicants with strong communication skills -- and this is for all jobs, not just those in customer service. Being able to communicate efficiently is a skill that is becoming increasingly important in all fields; technology is not taking jobs so much as it’s forcing them to evolve. Because modern technology outcompetes humans in so many ways, the skills unique to people have become even more important.

    So if you’re trying to make sure your job cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence, you may want to work on becoming a better communicator, no matter what field you’re in. Given the fact that there seems to be a shortage of these workers, being able to engage in a conversation with both colleagues and customers will give you an edge that no type of technology could ever compare to. You don’t have to avoid getting a job in a field you’re afraid is threatened by artificial intelligence, you just have to develop skills that can’t be rivaled by technology.

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    Tim Hagen

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