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    End the Blame Game with the Contribution Frame

    March 3, 2017 Posted by : Tim Hagen
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    This article is written by Peter Mclees: One of our Progress Coaching Partners.

    Conflict can be…well…difficult. Perhaps you can associate with the idea that our best selves do not always show up for the occasion. Before we know it, we’re drowning in conflict and our emotional intelligence becomes emotionally dense while a fire-breathing dragon replaces our deep breathing for calmness. 

    We can, quite quickly, get lost in the fog of win/lose, victor/victim, or endless battles of blame. Just for the fun of it – try to imagine the last time someone blamed you for something – how’d that go? Generally, our first response is to defend ourselves. And in our defense, we begin to fight fire with fire, attempting to overcome blame with blame. Although this cycle may feel good for a micro-second, it quickly becomes clear, there are no winners – it’s just a tennis match of blame, defend, blame, defend, blame…you get the picture, you know the game

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