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December 28, 2015 Posted by : Tim Hagen
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As I'm sure you've heard me say before, one of the most important, driving factors that keeps employees motivated is the sense of progress in the workplace. But what is progress, exactly? Is it getting the corner office? How about traveling abroad through work? Sometimes, what I've heard, is progress is simply defined as getting a raise. The fact of the matter is that progress is different for everyone. The similar, driving point is that each definition of progress is something that is meaningful to each employee. Some people are born knowing their dreams, some need a little nudge (I'm one of those people). Here are some activities that build employement skills and link their work experience to something that is more meaningful for each employee. 

  • Offer a combination of formal and informal activities such as trainings and workshops, job shadowing, and scheduled reflections regarding the sense of purpose employees are building and how they can be used for their careers.
  • Make sure employees are aware of the transferrable skills they are learning and helping them translate those skills into their every day jobs. 
  • Give employees ample opportunities to discuss their dreams, aspirations, fears, frustrations. Simply being HEARD is something many employees desire. 
  • Ask what their dreams are, ask what their work goals are. Schedule the time to do this. 
  • Have ongoing converstations that gauge their progress with goals. Give advice, ask what you can do to assist them in their career journey. 

Here is a TED talk I found that really reiterates my point. Money isn't everything, but purpose defines many aspects in our lives, especially work. Take a look: 

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Are your employees progressing in your workplace? Take a look at our product here to get a sense of that issue. 

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