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How is Your Team Doing?

December 14, 2015 Posted by : Tim Hagen
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How is Your Team Doing?

Most blogs or articles teach through thought and content but what what I d like to do is provide insight through questions. I d like you to be honest and maybe even post your thoughts as each question prompts you to do so. The questions are designed to provide you insight to the team you manage:

  1. Are your employees willing to stay after work without having to be asked?
  2. Do your employees support one another by jumping in and helping another teammate complete work without having to be asked?
  3. When there is conflict do your team members have the capacity to work things out versus asking you the manager to get involved as an element of resolution?
  4. Would your employees help recruit a candidate into the organization because of the team atmosphere?
  5. Do your employees initiate thoughtful conversation with ideas and solutions to make the department better?
  6. Do employees initiate teamwork for professional and career development outside of traditional corporate training offerings?
  7. Two other departmental leaders marvel at your team's ability to work together internally as well as externally with other departments?
  8. Do your employees come in early in the morning eager to start the day off before it officially starts so they can work out of the process? Because they enjoy doing so?
  9. Do your employees practice specific skill sets outside of the group setting to facilitate greater career development?
  10. Will your employees challenge one another when another employee exhibits a negative adversarial way of doing work

 Please listen to the audio below as it provides three specific strategies to building a cohesive team-we just started using sound cloud and find it a very solid platform for audio distribution.


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Tim Hagen

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