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    Characteristics of Great Sales Managers and Coaches

    July 8, 2015 Posted by : Jordan Schmitz
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    Behind every great sales team, there is a sales manager that helped them achieve their numbers and their success. They helped inspire their team and motivated them to enhance their performance in every way possible. They coached their reps through the tough times and gave them the tools to help them meet their bottom line. Great sales managers are hard to come by, but they all share a couple common characteristics:

    They build and support.
        Great sales managers know how to build their teams up and keep them there. They give them the tools they need to effectively sell, and furthermore, they are there when their sales team needs help. If a sales person comes to them for assistance, they do not just give their employee the answer. They sit them down and have the rep go through their problem, and they figure out a solution through teaching and coaching.

    They are always learning and coaching.
        It is important that there is sales coaching. Managers have to constantly be coaching their teams. Coaching techniques could include sitting down employees in a one-on-one or a group setting and asking them to explain something new they learned that day or go through any issues that arose that day. However, sales managers not only need to coach their sales team, but they need to always be learning. New sales techniques and tips are always popping up. It is important that managers learn these techniques, pick the best ones and teach them to their reps. 

    They know how to communicate and listen. 
        Communication skills are key to interacting with sales people. A manager has to know how to enforce certain rules and create respect. Active listening is also important. A great sales manager listens to what is going around him or her in the office. They are able to listen to employee’s problems and then communicate to them how to fix the problem. 

        Great sales managers know how to get the job done in the workplace. They create a positive environment that sales reps want to be in and are proud to be a part of. They set proper goals and give their teams the tools to achieve them. A great sales manager keeps their employees prepared to sell. 


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