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Coach Employees to Build Relationships in the Workplace

September 23, 2014 Posted by : Jackie Dhein
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In today’s workplace, it is important to build effective work relationships and connect positively with people in order for your company to be successful. The truth is, workplace relationships can be difficult and most people are not aware of the difficulties workplace relationships can cause.  Not only can they be difficult, but they can take quite a while to develop and can be broken in a moment.  Encouraging team members to spend more time building relationships both in and outside of the company is a vital part of a manager’s coaching effort. Relationships are fragile, therefore, managers need to coach their team members so they understand that while there are differing opinions, ideas and work habits, strong relationships can still be developed and sustained.  Employees can’t be expected to agree on everything but they can still work together as a cohesive group.

Aside from the coaching relationship that a manager and employee need to develop, there are things that a manager can do to coach their employees to build good working relationships in the workplace such as:  

  • Develop good communication skills 
  • Listen actively and effectively
  • Develop and show a positive attitude 
  • Schedule team-building activities 
  • Learn to give as well as receive feedback 
  • Devote time to employees 
  • Address and resolve conflict promptly

Managers and leaders that encourage and coach their team members to build relationships are more likely to work as a cohesive unit to meet the company’s goals.  Companies that want to develop more productive and high-performing teams need to continue to encourage and support employees to develop positive workplace relationships.  

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