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    How Attitude Affects Your Work

    Check out this awesome ted talk by psychologist Shawn Achor. In this Ted Talk, he describes the importance of a positive attitude at work. Common sense, right? What he says, though, is that we may be looking at our attitudes backwards. Take a watch, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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    I Was Too Stupid To Fail: It's NEVER That Complicated: Those Darn RGB Cables (Entry # 4)

    Missed my last "Too Stupid" post? Click here to catch up. 

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    I Was Too Stupid To Fail: Attitude is Everything (Entry #3)

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    I Was Too Stupid To Fail: Introduction (Entry #2)

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    Career Development = Talent Retention!

    Topics: coaching, talent, retention

    The Sales Difference: Case Study # 1

    Topics: coaching, Sales Coaching, Sales

    Creating and Coaching "The Sales Difference"

    Topics: coaching, Sales Coaching, Customer Service

    I Was Too Stupid to Fail: Entry # 1

    Topics: learning styles, experience, stupidity

    Change is NOT a Switch

    Topics: coach, change, adaptation

    Make Work Meaningful

    Topics: coaching, management development, career development

    The Other "Verts"- Introverts in the Workplace

    Topics: coaching, introverts, extroverts

    How is Your Team Doing?

    Topics: management development, career development, team building

    Retention + Recruiting = A GREAT Return on Investment (ROI)

    Topics: culture change, management, team building

    Four Steps to Building a Great Team

    Topics: employee assessments, coaching, teamwork

    Clients Should Define Your Team!

    Topics: coaching, Sales, customer experience

    Let Customers Create Your Training! WIN BIG!

    Topics: feedback, coaching, Sales Coaching

    Stories, not stats- How to make a memorable sale

    Topics: coaching, Sales Coaching, Sales

    Feedback Takes Time and Is An Art

    Topics: feedback, coaching, feedback acceptance

    Develop a Sales Coaching Objection Board: Three-Part Strategy

    Topics: coaching, Sales

    4 Coaching Techniques to Retain Top Talent

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