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    Attitude is Everything!


    Although it is impossible to control another person’s attitude, it is possible to make an impact on someone’s attitude whether it be negatively or positively. Often times, attitude is only addressed when it poses a problem or starts out poorly and gets worse. Positive attitudes are rarely addressed, and rarely do we invest in the good things while rewarding positive attitudes. Coaching can help focus on the importance of positive attitudes while working to improve negative ones.

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    Teach Employees "How to Be Coached & Why"​: It Is a 2 Way Street!

    We spend billions on leadership development, but what about the other side, the people receiving leadership and in this case coaching? What if we taught people how to receive feedback? What if we taught them skills to improve their "coaching reception" skills. This could include how to:

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    Angry Customers

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    Getting Managers to Coach is NOT Just a Training Challenge

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    Employees Need F.A.M.E

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    Save Selling Time & Coach Your Sales Team

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    Coaching 101: Do Your Employees Come To You To Help You?

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    Coaching 101: Do Your Employees Look Happy?

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    Stuck in Mud? Here's How to Get Out

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    Attitude-How Self-Care Pays Off

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    The Power of Generosity

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    Feedback- How Important is it, really?

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    Our Company Silos Need to Come Down

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