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    Stuck in Mud? Here's How to Get Out

    It's that time of year where finding an excuse to get out of things becomes more and more appealing with each passing day. We lack motivation- it's darker outsider earlier, it's getting colder (for those of us that have the misfortune of living in the North), and the end of year is approaching. We have to take a minute to look in the mirror by asking ourselves the question, "If I want my employee to be motivated, I need to demonstrate that. Am I doing a good job at modeling by example?" If the answer is no, take the time to focus on your own actions and consider the implications they have for your employees. It's easy to spot the faults in others, but without careful examination, your own motivation may be falling by the wayside.

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    Attitude-How Self-Care Pays Off

    We all make excuses. Some of the most frequent include:

    • You’re late for work.
    • You spilled your coffee.
    • Your kids were up late at home sick.
    • There’s construction causing a traffic jam.
    • You have a ton of work waiting on your desk.

    We're all guilty of letting these excuses stand in the way of getting things done. The question then arises as to how do we all react to these day to day challenges with a positive and upbeat mentality? We all have bad day, but we are supposed to be able to leave our problems at the door.

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