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I Was Too Stupid to Fail: Entry # 1

January 8, 2016 Posted by : Tim Hagen

I Was Too Stupid to Fail: Entry # 1

I hope the title caught you by surprise as it was intended to but there's actually a seriousness to the title. I teach leaders how to coach their employees and often I get the question how did my coaching career start. It really started, all joking aside, from doing really stupid things.

As I share this and many future entries from the "I was too stupid to fail" series I hope you find them entertaining but more importantly educational and valuable.  All of the entries will be 100% truthful which will ultimately expose myself as one big idiot but I'm okay with that as long as it teaches and provides an element of value.

As I look back on my career I realized two of the most fundamental lessons that I hold of the greatest value. First, our greatest teacher and coach is experience. If we are willing to experience things we expose ourselves to change, learning opportunities, and actualization of what we can and cannot do at that moment.Two, without a coach supporting you during an experience the experience itself is not valuable. I was extremely fortunate to have many managers who coached and supported me as I learned through many failures and challenges before during and after college. As I complete this very short entry I want you to know every week for the rest of the year I will be writing one entry that will ultimately become a part of my third coaching book:

I Was Too Stupid to Fail:

How Coaching Saved My Dumb Ass

I hope the title does not offend anybody as my goal is to provide a little humor and education together. As I reveal these stories and lessons feel free to share them as well as share your own experiences. Again our greatest teacher is experience but without a coach there is often little value in the experience!

Stay tuned!

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Tim Hagen

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