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    Getting Managers to Coach is NOT Just a Training Challenge

    December 19, 2016 Posted by : Tim Hagen
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    Years ago there were few of us and now there are many of us. Who are we? We are companies that will come in and work with your organization and train your managers on how to coach. The challenge continues to grow in terms of gaining traction with managers. I would assume we all hear some of the same things such as they have a challenge with a lack of time and that they wear many hats.

    I always love to share this joke. If managers don't have time to coach then who hires the replacements when the employees quit? I think what it really boils down to managers have the time but I think what's really the underlying issue is they don't know how to have the coaching conversation with their employees.

    Why is this? There are two basic reasons. First, adults learn best when the material directly pertains to their specific needs. When we train on a coaching approach or strategy or methodology there's still the need to apply that content to the real world. Second, the challenge is not merely a training challenge rather to marketing challenge. Organizations need to promote the value of coaching. There needs to be a internal mechanism that is constantly communicating the value of coaching while teaching and facilitating solutions how to coach.

    First, start a podcast that speaks to your organization and how coaching can help drive change. second, provide new and innovative coaching ideas specific to what managers are sharing that their experiencing. Third, provide how-to information in regard to situational coaching challenges. Situational coaching challenge is specific to what a manager or group of managers typically experience unique to the organization. Starting internal blog that speaks to the organization and its coaching success as well as challenges. Last, start a blog that is branded to the topic of coaching under your organizations messaging. All of these strategies can help you gain traction inside your organization to become a positive workplace culture and coaching organization.


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    Tim Hagen

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