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Coaching To Greater Time Management

July 13, 2020 Posted by : Tim Hagen
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This is a sample coaching map from our book series Coaching Conversations - we hope you find this helpful!

Suggested Strategy:

  • Focus on the factors of Time Management: organization, prioritizing.  

Suggested Questions:

  • Rating Question:  On a scale of 1 to 6, with 6 being you are highly organized and on top of all daily tasks, and 1 being you may struggle with staying organized, where would you rate yourself and why?  What can we do together to help you reach a 6?  
  • Risk Question:  What risks do you think you might assume by not focusing on daily performance?  How can staying organized and proactive help you avoid those risks?  

Suggested Activities:

  • Teach Me:  Walk me through your morning routine when you first come into the office.  Do you have a routine that sets you up for a productive day?  How do you prioritize your tasks?     
  • Brainstorming:  Discuss the potential of opportunities that the employee could be missing out on in their position without paying close attention to their day to day performance  

Suggested Learning Projects:

  • Journal-Based Coaching:  Using a journal format, have the employee make note of times during the day where he/she doesn’t feel as productive as he could or when they feel unorganized.  They should then note how this situation could be improved or avoided.  The employee should email the list to you at the end of each day for one week.  
  • Self-Directed Learning:  Read The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople, one chapter per week.  The employee should write in a journal two takeaways from each chapter that he could be implementing in completing his daily tasks and how he/she plans to make those adjustments.  Bring the notes to your next coaching session.

Supplemental Coaching Strategies:

  • 30-Second Coaching:  Stop and let the employee know when he/she completes a task in a timely manner that they might not normally see as important.   Let them know exactly how completing that task will aid their progress in the future.

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Tim Hagen

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