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    Coaching Employee Engagement is Important!

    July 15, 2015 Posted by : Jordan Schmitz
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    Gallup organization's research shows that less than 30% of employees are truly engaged. However, it also states that 85% of employees who are engaged have said that they are going to stay with their current employer and are not looking for another job. 

    So what is an engaged employee? An engaged employee is someone who is fully involved, is enthusiastic about their work, and who acts in a way that furthers their organizations interest. 

    What are the benefits of having fully engaged employees? Engaged employees are more productive, more motivated, more profitable, more customer-focused, and more likely to stay with the organization. 

    How can I, as a coach, help to increase my employees level of engagement?

    1. Set a good example - If your employees see that you are always engaged with your work, your customers, and your employees, they too will want to be engaged. 
    2. Recognize performance and achievement - Make sure to recognize the work your employees are doing. Giving positive feedback lets employees know they are doing well and are progressing. A good way to do this is to implement 30 second coaching into your everyday routine. Once a day, spend no more than 30 seconds giving your employee positive feedback, then just walk away. Don't bring up any other matters at that time, simply give the feedback, then continue on with your day. They will be focused on what you said and remember it, which will increase their motivation and engagement. 
    3. Learning projects - Make sure to engage your employees in small learning projects or activities. For example, have them read an article or a book on a specific subject area, then have them send you an email about what they learned and how they can apply it to their work. Then a few weeks later, check in and see how their applied knowledge has helped their work. 
    4. Group coaching - Don't underestimate the power of group coaching. Having your employees work together and help each other out strengthen's employees bonds to the company. Have employees get together in a group coaching session, give them a topic and materials to use and discuss, and then let them lead the coaching session, without you. Give them activities to do such as roll playing. Employees will improve on the targeted skill area, and feel more engaged in the activity. 


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