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    Building Relationships in the Workplace with Coaching

    July 31, 2015 Posted by : Jordan Schmitz
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    Relationships in the workplace are vital to each employees progress and to the company as a whole. An employees relationship to their teammates, their manager, and to the company affect their every day work. One bad relationship can negatively affect the work an employee does with another person, which lowers their progress, motivation, and their attitude. Here are a few coaching methods to help employees build relationships.

    Peer-to-peer coaching: This is scheduled sessions for employees to coach one another without the manager's direct supervision. Scheduled weekly or bi-weekly, each session should include specific, well-defined activities for the employees to cover. All activities should have associated metrics to help employees navigate through the activity, promote teamwork, and open lines of communication while building performance levels. This type of coaching allows teammates to work together which can help build positive, trusting relationships between coworkers.

    Group Coaching: This method of coaching involves team coaching sessions that are designed around a one-theme concept that all employees can benefit from. Sessions should be focused on activities such as simulation, role-play, and group discussions, all done without a mangers supervision. Just like peer-to-peer coaching, group coaching allows coworkers to work together and help each other, which builds positive relationships. 

    Building positive relationships in the workplace can help employees increase their motivation, feedback acceptance, engagement, connectivity, and progress.


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