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To Retain Top Talent, Don't Ignore Them

April 24, 2014 Posted by : Jackie Dhein


retain top talentOrganizations today need to make sure that they are making an effort to retain their top talent and not ignoring them by making the assumption that they are doing fine and don’t need anything.  When coaching employees, the assumption is to coach the employees that are the most trouble or the least productive.  Yes, these employees need coaching; however, putting all your effort into coaching them puts you at risk for losing your top performers whether it is intentional or unintentional.   Even though high-performing employees may not have blatant issues, there is always room for improvement and they would benefit from their manager’s coaching them.   Top talent is the most productive talent you have and maintaining these employees is very important as it reduces a leader’s stress level, builds future leaders and ultimately saves your company money.

Here are some ways for managers to help retain their top performers:

  1. Schedule regular coaching sessions:  This will maintain the continuous engagement with them as these are the employees you don’t want to lose.
  2. Provide reward, recognition and appreciation:  Don’t make the assumption that they know they are doing a great job.  You need to let them know whether it is with a simple “thank you” or a bonus or whatever else to show your appreciation.
  3. Give feedback on a regular basis:  Don’t just give feedback for the sake of giving it, make it meaningful as this will make them feel more valued and respected.
  4. Establish clear goals and expectations:  This will alleviate any frustration that may arise as they will know what is expected of their performance and they will become more engaged in their job.  
  5. Foster employee development:  Constantly challenge and stimulate your key employees and provide them with new opportunities that will push them to excel and gain new skill sets.

To keep your top performers from walking out the door, managers must take steps to engage with them and create a coaching environment where the employee feels respected and valued while increasing productivity.  

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