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    Bean Bag Coaching ... Seriously a Great Idea!

    February 24, 2014 Posted by : Tim Hagen
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    If you are in a culture of cubicles and finding a place to coach is hard here is a great idea for you with many benefits. Buy 3 bean bags to post or place on the side of a cubicle notifying employees of your status:


    Red: Please Do Not interrupt Me (in a one on one session)

    Yellow: Interrupt but please make sure you've exhausted your own ideas and really need help right now.

    Green: I am available


    Here is the concept. This shows employees you are coaching you are going to take measures to ensure total focus on them .. this builds HUGE trust! Next, employees approaching your cubicle or work area will think twice especially when there is a yellow bean bag. Many employees simply ask us before thinking and ultimately "transfer the ownership" of the issue to the manager. This coaches them to stop and really think if they have researched or exhausted all options before asking the manager. One manager who used this method shared with me he feels questions employees could have answered on their own are down 50+ % as a result of the bean bags. He saids this little tactic has people asking each other and thinking on their own and saving incredible amounts of time!


    Simple Idea but It Works! Good Luck!


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