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Attention New Managers: Time to Coach to Collaborate

Sun,Apr 19,2020 @ 03:30 PM

This is got to be an interesting time for new managers. Think if you were just promoted or hired as a new manager and you have your team looking at you wondering what the next step is going to be? We've used this phrase over and over again yet these are truly unprecedented times. Veterans of leadership have not gone through this as many executive level leaders have not gone through this. As bad as this may sound this might be one of the most unique terms to start your leadership career because it may never be as challenging or as difficult as it is right now. Yes, we all need to get our leadership scars as bad as that also sounds it simply just comes with the territory.

This coaching map that will give you some techniques and strategies of how to collaborate. These techniques were not written for these times; nevertheless, the strategies will help build collaboration which is absolutely critical to this time frame.


This is a sample coaching map from our book series Coaching Conversations -

we hope you find this helpful!

Suggested Strategy:

  • Focus on the benefits of having teammates and the trust that comes with it using Group Coaching.

Suggested Questions:

  • Third Party Question:  If another member of the company were to observe our team and describe the way we work together, what do you think they might say?
  • Rating Question:  On a scale of 1 to 6, with 6 being 100% confident and 1 being there is some hesitation here, where would you rank where you think your teammates’ trust in being able to come to you for help? Where would you rank their comfortability with knowing what projects you are working on?

Suggested Activities:

  • Brainstorming:  Come up with a list together of benefits that come with having a team that works well together.
  • Role Play:  Get the ball rolling for the second learning project – partner up the members of the team and have a mini “check-in” session as described in the learning project.

Suggested Learning Projects:

  • Self-Directed Learning:  Have each member of the team watch a team sporting event on television in the next week. What are two things that the team did well together? What are two things they could have done better together? Did the team accomplish a goal together? Each member of your team should write down their responses to these questions and their observations in a journal and bring them to your next team coaching session.
  • Peer-to-Peer Coaching:  Assign members of the team to meet once per week with a new member of the team as a strategy session to check in with each other on projects they are working on, and to give them a chance to brainstorm, ask questions, or bounce ideas off of each other. After the meeting, each member of the team should email you with what they learned from the other person during their meeting.

Supplemental Coaching Strategies:

  • 30-Second Coaching: Take 30 seconds in your day to let a member of the team know when they have done a good job of collaborating with a teammate – be specific in how this action is positive.


Want More Info On Coaching Maps? CLICK HERE

Tim Hagen

Written by Tim Hagen

Tim Hagen founded Progress Coaching, a Training Reinforcement Partner Company, in 1997. His entrepreneurial career began in college leading to positions in sales, sales management, and sales training for small and large corporations, and eventually ownership of several training companies. Tim is often a keynote speaker at companies teaching the value of coaching and conversations in the workplace. He possesses a unique combination of hands-on experience, academics, and innovative insight to solve the industry’s most common challenges specific to workplace performance. Tim holds a bachelor’s degree in Adult Education and Training from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

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