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    5 Funny Perspectives on "I Have No Time to Coach"​ from Managers

    February 6, 2017 Posted by : Tim Hagen
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    We hear it all the time " I have no time to coach", but this begs the following humorous perspectives on managers not having time to coach:

    1. If managers have no time to coach who does the interviewing and hiring when an employee quits? Do we just simply add time onto the day so we can do so because originally if we have no time to coach where does the time come from to interview and hire someone?
    2. If a manager has no time to coach what does a manager say at the end of the year review when providing feedback? A great way for any manager to break trust with an employee is to show up at the end of the year review, when they've actually made time, to review the prior 364 days when they did not have time.
    3. Wouldn't it be great if a manager had an under performing employee that they were instructed to fire, but they look back to their boss and say "like I said I have no time to coach; therefore, I have no time to fire anyone". Now that's funny!
    4. How come managers find time to bring people into their office to reprimand employees to provide them constructive feedback, but have no time to coach and help facilitate better performance in the areas they actually took the time to criticize?
    5. I would love it if employees when called into the office by their manager responded by saying "I'd love to stop by your office but quite frankly I'm following leaderships behavior and I'm sorry to say I have no time to be coached".

    I know these are little sarcastic and hopefully a little humorous but let's be honest everybody has time. We all live by the same hours each day so it begs the question how can some companies find time to develop and retain talent while reducing the need to interview and recruit as others state they have no time to coach but often spend their time recruiting and hiring for people who have left the organization.

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