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We Are So Much More Than Just a Coaching Training Company

Progress Coaching has been helping organizations realize the power of workplace coaching for over 23 years.

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Progress Coaching has been a worldwide leader in helping workplace cultures improve through the art and delivery of coaching conversations. We help organizations position their managers and future managers to become conversational leaders.



At Progress Coaching, we provide multiple training options--from our flagship Progress Coaching Training System to our Conversational Leadership Schools, we also offer subscription models with unlimited training at a fixed price. 



After each training session, Progress Coaching provides multiple support and reinforcement options. From live practice sessions including 1 on 1 or group coaching, and you will also have access to our Progress Coaching Academy that has over 240 training reinforcement courses. In addition, our online support platform CoachApply provides unlimited access to coaching maps (instructional pieces specific to hundreds of workplace challenges). Our support options are endless and designed to help managers coach.



Progress Coaching provides multiple practice opportunities through its Progress Coaching Training Program and Conversation Leadership schools.   The Conversation Leadership Schools allow attendees to share with an accountability partner a situation to practice in the live session, as well as outside the live session. 



Progress Coaching provides three of its own coaching assessment products. The assessments include the Dual Coaching Assessment along with the Coaching Feasibility Study, which measures organizational challenge and change. Last, we have created a Coaching Inventory Skills assessment that measures coaching conversational skills. All of these assessments are non-personality based allowing the organization to truly understand its effectiveness of coaching and how to build positive workplace cultures.

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