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Approachability & Coachability

This unique approach provide thought-provoking high- energy presentations designed to help organizations build coaching cultures that ultimately drive talent development and retention. The benefits to the organization are vast.

Webinar Coaching

The webinars are delivered specific to a topic and are highly engaging typically drawing 90+% participation.
Each webinar will have specific coaching questions asked and answered and delivered in a post-event.

Webinar Coaching Data

After the webinar coaching event, an additional assessment is utilized relying on coaching questions to drive perspective in action while collecting valuable data for the organization.

Post-Webinar Coaching Reinforcement

After the webinar coaching event, coaching reinforcement lessons are utilized to reinforce the subject matter using targeted coaching questions to drive perspective and action.

Company Insights Review

After the webinar coaching event and the assessments have been completed, along with the webinar coaching reinforcement lessons, data is compiled every 90 days and delivered to the client speaking to specific coach-the-coach strategies.

42% of people are looking for jobs due to a lack of career coaching and development.

85% of people significantly lack self-awareness.

< 1% of people reported they had ever received formal training in school systems to learn to accept and seek feedback professionally, In a recent survey delivered.

71% of people are neutral or actively disengaged, leaving only 29% positive, according to the Gallup organization.

Interested in Enrolling your Team in the Approachability & Coachability Series?


We have been working with Progress Coaching for roughly a year and one of the most interesting attributes has been the monthly employee sessions on Approachability and Coachability. We are seeing a change in people’s abilities to embrace feedback and even seek it. These mass group coaching sessions have provided us a unique opportunity to engage with large groups of people at one time moving them in a direction of alignment successfully. It has helped our leaders engage successfully with their employees while they’re learning how to coach.


Chris Decker​,CEO, Aurora Cooperative