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Coaching YOU:

The Greatest Coach You Can Have is You

Unlock your fullest potential with Coaching YOU

The ultimate guide for ambitious professionals and aspiring leaders seeking to supercharge their growth and career trajectory. Start your self-coaching journey, and uncover the secrets to mastering your professional development and building a personal brand that stands out.

The greatest coach you can have is yourself. You know yourself better than others, so there's no better place to start.
Learn the incredible power of:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Asking Yourself the Right Questions
  • The Hidden Secret to Success
  • Empowered choices
  • Developing Resilience
  • Seeking & Accepting Feedback

Also discover:
How to become a Coaching Champion to inspire those around you to become their best selves and a more effective team.

Thrive, both personally and professionally, with 
Coaching You.

Inside, you'll also find additional workbook pages with targeted questions to guide you on your self-coaching journey. Use these pages as your personal journal, capturing insights you uncover and charting a path toward your goals.
Use the QR codes for Audio Lessons directly from Tim Hagen for interactive learning!

Coaching You provides resources and a practical assessment, equipping you with tools to progress your skills and transform your career. Whether you're a working professional looking to level up or a new leader wanting to make an impact, this book will help you unlock the potential within and position you for unparalleled success.

Take charge of your destiny with 
Coaching You – because your best self is just one powerful decision away.