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Coaching Leaders to Apply Coaching in
the Workplace for Greater Collaboration
and Talent Development

Team2YOU is an innovative and integrated coaching service that works hand in hand with leaders and their employees. Leaders today have many things on their plate and are extremely busy and this service provides a very unique partnership coaching in collaboration with leaders.

Team2YOU is a great service especially for newer managers along with leaders who may be struggling with their current team effectiveness. In addition, this service helps leaders accelerate talent development ultimately saving time and allowing for time saved to be reinvested.

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What's Included in the Program?


Leaders will complete a self-assessment along with an interview depicting the goals for the team along with challenges that may be interfering with those goals. 

Employees will complete a team assessment depicting the strengths as well as the opportunities for the team to work more effectively together.


Leaders will meet with a certified coach twice a month discussing strategies of how to apply coaching to continue to evolve their team.

Employees will meet with a certified coach twice a month discussing their progress and opportunities to improve for personal and professional development that coincides with the goals of the team.


Each month leaders will complete a course expanding their knowledge of how to coach and develop their teams along with employees completing short micro courses strengthening their knowledge of becoming great teammates.

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Our leaders, new to leadership and those with years of experience, have definitely benefited from learning Progress Coaching. There is a structure to it, that gives you the practice needed to truly be a great coach and make it a priority. The emphasis of strength-based coaching helps develop the leader and team member relationship in a very positive light while also allowing a comfortable pathway to hold accountability. This approach has been a game changer and reduced anxiety about having conversations which can be perceived as stressful.


Shawnya Nelson​, Head of Business Operations at ADVENT