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Coach2You: The Coaching Automation System

Coach2YOU is a leading coaching service dedicated to empowering individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve their full potential. Coach2YOU offers a structured and comprehensive approach to personal and professional development. 

Here's how it works: Each Coach2You product contains a 7-day mini-series sent directly to your email box with actionable strategies to develop your skills in the preferred area. Individuals can purchase a Coach2You product for themselves, or leaders can purchase the product for their team.

Leader Versions:

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Coaching to Greater Teamwork

Explore actions you can take to help your employees work more effectively together.

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Seven Questions to Ask a Struggling or Resistant Employee

Explore the top 7 most impactful questions you can use to address a struggling or resistant employee and the actions you can follow up with to truly support this employee and your team in the process.

Employee Versions:

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Facilitating Positivity

Explore actions you can take to cultivate a more optimistic outlook, create a positive environment at work, and positively impact your team.

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Building Self-Awareness

Explore strategies for how you can be more self-aware with the intent of becoming a better learner and more coachable, approachable, and promotable.

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Truly Listening

Explore actions you can take to to experience what great listening is.

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Accelerating Teamwork

What does it mean to be a great teammate? And how can each teammate help to strengthen the team and become more productive and effective? That is what we are going to cover in this mini-series!

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Understanding and Utilizing EQ

Explore actions you can take to cultivate more self-awareness and how to use that information to make positive changes in your life that will positively impact your career and life.

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Utilizing Self Regulation and Reflection

Explore actions you can take to effectively utilize self regulation and reflection in your day to day interactions.

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Finding that Motivation

Explore what motivates people; how to find that motivation; and then you will be asked to take actions to support with your own motivation.

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Displaying Empathy

Explore what empathy is and how we can show it to others; why it is powerful; and how we can utilize it to become a better teammate.

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Know Your Strengths

Uncover and dissect your strengths and use them to strategically collaborate, communicate and connect with people on your team and inside your organization.

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Discover and Develop Feedback Acceptance

Learn techniques to develop your feedback reception and acceptance, as well as a positive relationship with feedback.

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Going Above and Beyond

Explore actions you can take to better support yourself and your team by going above and beyond.

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Truly Being Present with Teammates

Explore what it means to be truly present and offer strategies for being more present with your own teammates.

Progress Coaching has been an instrumental resource in helping our team create and sustain a growth-focused environment based on transparent peer-to-peer feedback that seeks to deliver impactful training encouraging open and honest communication.


Dan Winkelman​, Senior Director of Inside Sales, Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club