The biggest challenge with new Managers

    Are you tired of coordinating third-party training programs only to have your employees forget the material a few days later? Do your managers complain that training feels like "extra work" for them? 

    If this sounds familiar, you're not alone! Most training & development leaders know that training is not the problem. What our managers need is to become training reinforcement partners through the art of conversation and coaching.

    What if you could implement a program that works with your organization's existing learning & development initiatives to actually drive the goals of your organization?  

    How we help

    Training & Development Leaders

    Solutions designed for you

    At Progress Coaching, we’ve created a unique solution that works with the training department and your managers to develop coaching materials that position your managers as partners in the organization’s training initiatives. Progress Coaching provides training & development leaders with a unique opportunity to elevate what they have been doing for decades - develop a greater understanding within your organization and highlight the value of your training initiatives!


    We collect intelligence on what facilitates success in your company using quantifiable surveys and meeting with stakeholders, employees, and customers.


    We'll help uncover your managers' approach to coaching and providing feedback, and your employees’ willingness to be coached and accept feedback.


    From virtual workshops to on-demand learning, we've got the tools to enable managers to drive performance development and create a culture of coaching!

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