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We Go Way Beyond Traditional Training

Progress Coaching has created unique training offerings.

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The Progress Coaching Training Suite Provides Options for Any Situation ... For Any Number of Managers

Whether you developing one or 1000 managers, Progress Coaching has multiple solutions to meet your unique needs.

1. Progress Coaching Training👍

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  • Learn 14 different coaching strategies.
  • Learn an easy to use 4 Step Coaching Conversation Model that saves time.
  • Learn questioning skills that help build awareness for those who are being coached.
  • Learn how to apply 3 learning types to make coaching easier to apply.

2. Coaching Conversation Training Series👍

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The Coaching Coaching Conversation Training series is a subscription service that provides  unlimited training for one fixed cost. It provides unlimited access to live events and recordings of live sessions. In addition, each workshop includes a workbook that can be private labeled and utilized on an ongoing basis.


3. Sales Coaching Conversation Training Series👍

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The Sales Coaching Coaching Conversation Training series is a subscription service that provides unlimited training for a fixed cost investment. This program is similar to the Coaching Conversation Training Series with a focus on sales. It too provides unlimited access to the live events  and recorded sessions. This program is targeting sales leaders who have direct responsibility for sales teams.


4. Conversational Excellence👍

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Conversational Excellence is an "All Employee" approach to building conversational excellence skills that promote:

  • Understanding
  • Trust
  • Relationships
  • Empathy

The program is first delivered with an online course, followed by 3 practice sessions. Conversational Excellence is about teaching people to truly communicate on a mutually beneficial and reciprocal basis. All too often we are thinking about what we want to say while someone else is talking. This example of a lack of conversational ability can lead to discord in the workplace. This program is employed at all levels within an organization to develop conversational skills that lend itself to greater talent development and reception of coaching.


5. Public Class Schedule👍

Progress Coaching provides multiple course options that can be delivered in person and virtually. Here are a few of those titles that we provide publicly in a virtual delivery method as well as on-site at organizations.

Click on each one for a brief overview:

  1. Coaching to Confront Thoughtfully & Professionally
  2. Coaching Emotional Intelligence
  3. Coaching Effective Teamwork
  4. Coaching Effective Communication
  5. Using DUAL Assessments to Coach
  6. Group Coaching Programs: Coming Soon!

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