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Progress Coaching provides organizations unlimited support options.

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Progress Coaching provides organizations unique support options. The support can vary from one on one coaching to group coaching to access to online courses and our proprietary platform CoachApply. The options are endless!



1) One-on-One Coaching: Progress Coaching provides access to Certified Coaching Strategists who will work with individuals to address their needs and organizational requirements. This is typically done virtually and is accompanied by monthly reports of progress and observation for improvement.

2) Group Coaching: Progress Coaching will provide organizations group coaching as an option, supporting organizational and departmental needs by coaching to talent and behavioral change needs.

3)  Training Reinforcement Courses: Progress Coaching has a vast library of coaching courses that can be delivered through our platform or converted into micro lessons based on client needs. In addition, it is not uncommon to have custom content created to speak to specific client needs that can be addressed through coaching

4) CoachApply: This platform is a one-of-a-kind, proprietary system that gives organizations unlimited access to an index of Coaching Maps. A Coaching Map is a targeted solution speaking directly to a workplace challenge such as attitude, motivation or sense of urgency. This gives managers access to the platform in order to search for coaching maps specific to their needs.  In addition, the maps can be printed as well as accessed via mobile devices.

This platform provides over 500f coaching maps as well as a unique support feature embedded in the platform. Below is a screenshot of the platform. At the bottom, you can see the word CoachApply. This allows managers to click that button and fill out a form asking for specific unique help they could not find within the platform. Here is an over of the platform: click here

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