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Progress Coaching provides organizations unlimited practice options.

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Progress Coaching provides organizations unique practice options. This practice can vary from one-on-one coaching to group coaching to access to online courses as well as our proprietary platform CoachApply. 


Options to Support Coaching

1) One-on-One Coaching: Progress Coaching gives you access to Certified Coaching Strategists. These Strategists will work with individuals to practice the conversation model as well as situational coaching challenges.

2) Group Coaching: Progress Coaching will provide organizations group coaching as an option to support the need for practice. This can include practice scenarios and situations specific to each attendee.

3)  Conversational Leadership Schools: Progress Coaching provides regularly scheduled virtual sessions called Conversation Leadership Schools. Attendees will practice with an assigned an accountability partner to foster a continuous effort when it comes to practicing the craft of coaching conversations. Click here for an overview of the Conversation Leadership Schools.

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