Why Assessments are important

Research has uncovered that most people believe they are highly self-aware, yet only 10-15% actually fit that criteria.

So, if most people ARE NOT highly self-aware, then…

  • How do managers know how their approach to coaching impacts their employees?
  • How do employees understand their role in the coaching relationship?
  • How can leaders craft a coaching strategy around the answers to these questions?

Our Unique


At Progress Coaching, we’ve created a coaching strategy that uses assessments and surveys to help organizations uncover what’s really going on within their culture, and how managers and employees view and approach coaching and feedback. Let us create a coaching program that fits the needs of your organization!

Dual Assessment

The DUAL Assessment asks both the manager or coach and the employee or person being coached to complete an innovative two-part assessment.

  1. The manager or coach will complete a SOAR assessment of the employee or person being coached. The SOAR assessment evaluates the following:

    1. Strengths
    2. Opportunities for improvement
    3. Actions required to facilitate improvement
    4. Responsibilities of the person being coached in terms of communicating back their progress and challenges.  
  2. The employee completes a GOAL assessment focusing on their personal and professional goals. The GOAL assessment includes the following:

    1. What they need to be Great at in order to achieve their goals
    2. Opportunities that will come their way if they become great
    3. Actions required to facilitate the needed improvement
    4. What they will Love about achieving the goals.

Enroll in the Course

Coaching Feasibility Study Assessment

The CoachingYOU assessment is a feasibility study much like an engagement study, yet this approach looks at the organization and individual department perspective of where coaching is being applied successfully and where it needs to improve.

This global approach helps pinpoint areas of opportunity to improve, and strengths specific to areas within the organization, down to the department and manager level.

We’ll customize a study so that it’s tailored to the unique attributes of your organization!

CoachingYOU Assessment

The CoachingYOU "Coachability" Assessment is an innovative approach that analyzes an individual employee's perspective and attitudes towards 9 key areas of coaching - assessing their strengths and areas of opportunity to improve. Upon completion of the assessment, the employee will receive a report detailing the results and providing specific coaching feedback based on their responses. Managers will, in turn, receive a copy of the employee's report and a coaching strategy guiding them on how to best work with that individual employee!


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Customer Service study

With so many options available in today’s market, consumers choose every single day where to spend their money, and bad service has a profound impact.

Consider the following statistics:

  • After one negative experience, 51% of customers will never do business with that company again. Source: Newvoicemedia.com
  • 74% of people are likely to switch brands if they find the purchasing process too difficult. Source: Salesforce

What if you could take customer feedback and use that to drive your existing employee training and development initiatives?

After all, if you want to know where training opportunities lie, ask your customers!

They will tell you where your employees need to be coached!

We’ve created a strategy that captures customer feedback and uses the resulting data to craft a coaching plan tailored to your organization, addressing the specific pain points your customers are experiencing!

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