Using Data to Drive Your Coaching Culture 

    Assessments provide organizations with critical information, capturing employee perspectives, insights, and feedback that enable leaders to better understand their employees and the overall culture of their organization. 

    Most organizations administer some form of surveys or polls to capture the sentiment of their employees, yet rarely do these organizations communicate the findings uncovered through their surveys. In many cases, nothing is ever done with the resulting data. 

    At Progress Coaching, we’ve created a coaching strategy that uses assessments and surveys to help organizations uncover what’s really going on within their culture, discover how managers and employees actually view and approach coaching and feedback, and identify individual strengths and areas of opportunity.

    Let us create a coaching program that measures and addresses the unique needs of your organization!

    Our Unique


    Our assessments can be administered at the organizational level, department/team, or on a one-on-one basis. Whatever your needs may be, we guarantee we'll have an assessment strategy to support you. If not, we'll build one for you! 

    Dual Assessment

    The Dual Assessment is coaching apparatus that asks both the manager or coach and the employee or person being coached to complete an innovative two-part assessment analyzing strengths, opportunities to improve, and the actions required for positive change.

    This strategy incorporates the employee's individual motivations and emotional ties to their goals, setting the groundwork for real, meaningful change. 

    Enroll in our Dual Assessment course and learn how to facilitate this assessment with your team!

    Enroll in the Course

    Coaching Feasibility Study

    The Coaching Feasibility Study is much like an engagement study, yet this approach looks at the organization and individual department perspective of where coaching is being applied successfully and where it needs to improve.

    This global approach helps pinpoint areas of opportunity to improve, and strengths specific to areas within the organization, down to the department and manager level.

    We’ll customize a feasibility study so that it’s tailored to the unique attributes of your organization!

    Let's Discuss Your Needs!

    CoachingYOU Assessment

    The CoachingYOU "Coachability" Assessment is an innovative approach that analyzes an individual employee's perspective and attitudes towards 9 key areas of coaching - assessing their strengths and areas of opportunity to improve.

    Upon completion of the assessment, the employee will receive a report detailing the results and providing specific coaching feedback based on their responses.

    Managers will, in turn, receive a copy of the employee's report and a coaching strategy guiding them on how to best work with that individual employee!

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    Emotional Intelligence Assessment

    Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a set of social and emotional skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves to the world, develop and maintain relationships, cope with challenges, and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way. While EI isn't the only predictor of a person's performance and potential, research has found it to be an important indicator. 

    The skills involved in EI are not fixed, contrary to IQ tests, and these skills can be developed over time. The EQ-i2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment measures these 15 different skill sets that make up a person's EI profile and provide a snapshot in time of where the person is, developmentally, and how often they are using these skills. The image below displays the areas being measured: 

    EQi-2.0 model  

    Upon completion of the EQ-i2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment, participants will receive a copy of their results, and a one-on-one debrief will be scheduled with a certified coach to review results and discuss a plan for action!

    Let's Discuss Your Needs!

    Motivators Assessment

    Ask yourself, honestly.... Do you really KNOW what motivates each of your employees? If you're not sure, or you can't answer this question, you're probably making decisions based on assumptions. 

    According to the latest Gallup report, only 36% of employees are engaged in the workplace. Now is a critical time for many organizations, and leaders cannot afford to take a generic approach to this subject. 

     When talking to clients about employee motivation, we often hear managers make the mistake of trying to motivate their employees based on what motivates THEM. As employees, we've probably heard things like, "If you hit your numbers you could be in the running for a manager position!" Or perhaps a bonus is in order if the team hits their goal. But what about the people who aren't motivated solely by money or don't want to move up in the company? 

    By learning what really fuels a person's inner fire and drives them to succeed, managers gain VALUABLE INFORMATION that they can leverage to inspire and develop their team!

    Progress Coaching is officially certified to administer the Motivators Assessment, a unique approach to uncovering what truly drives your people, in partnership with FindMojo, a Culture Works Company.

    Upon completion of the Motivators Assessment, managers will learn what motivates each individual on their team, and we will teach you how to tie those motivations into an employee coaching development plan, ultimately leading to greater engagement, happiness, and overall success!

    Sample List of Motivators

    Customer Service Tiered Assessments

    With so many options available in today’s market, consumers choose every single day where to spend their money, and bad service has a profound impact.

    We’ve created a series of assessments using a tiered approach that measures your employees' knowledge, skills, and confidence in a variety of situations. 

    Whether you're looking to measure call center skills, soft skills, or simply get a baseline of how your employees are performing, we've got you covered! The best part? We'll tailor the assessment questions to address specific pain points your customers are experiencing and areas you want to develop with your team.

    Upon completion of the assessment, we'll provide you with a custom report and use the resulting data to craft a coaching plan geared to your organization's needs!


               Customer Service Assessment  Soft Skills Assessment  Call Center Assessment

    Sales Analysis Tiered Assessment

    We’ve created a sales skills analysis using a tiered approach that measures your employees' knowledge, skills, and confidence in 7 different categories: prospecting, needs-based selling, buyer cultural understanding, objection handling, negotiation, presenting, and closing. 

    Whether you're looking to measure an individual sales rep or get a baseline of how your entire team is performing, we've got you covered!

    Upon completion of the assessment, we'll provide you with a custom report and use the resulting data to craft a coaching plan geared to your sales team's needs!

    Take the Assessment

    Team Relationships Assessment

    The majority of workplace relationships are what we call "Tactical Relationships," meaning the interactions are primarily driven by the work being done. While this type of relationship may be common, the impact of having strong relationships in the workplace cannot be ignored. Studies show that employees who develop strong workplace relationships are more productive, miss work less often, are more engaged, and enjoy an overall happier workplace experience. 

    The Team Relationships Assessment measures your employees' perspective on 5 types of relationships: Tactical, Foundational, Partner, Trusted Peer, and finally, Unbreakable Relationships. 

    Through this assessment, you will learn about the 5 types of relationships and gain a greater understanding of how your team interacts and works together. 

    Upon completion of the assessment, we'll provide you with a custom team report and use the resulting data to craft a coaching plan geared towards strengthening and leveraging the relationships of your team! 

    Take the Assessment

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