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Progress Coaching has developed innovative, coaching-driven assessment tools. Please check them out below.

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3 Types of Assessments:


1) DUAL Assessment: The DUAL Assessment asks both the coach and the person being coached to complete an innovative two-part assessment. The coach completes a SOAR assessment evaluating the strengths and opportunities for the person being coached, the actions required required to facilitate improvement, and the responsibility they want the person being coached in communicating back their progress and challenges.  The employee completes a GOAL assessment focusing on their personal and professional goals. This includes what they need to be great at in order to achieve the goals, what opportunities will come their way if they become great, the actions required to facilitate the needed improvement, and what they will love about achieving the goals. Both these assessments are mapped providing both parties mutual benefit to a specific coaching strategy model that fulfills both parties needs. Click here for an overview


2) Coaching Feasibility Study: The Progress Coaching Feasibility Study is much like an engagement study, yet this approach looks at the organization and department by department perspective of where coaching is being applied successfully and where it needs to improve. This global approach helps pinpoint areas of opportunity to improve and strengths specific to areas within the organization, down to the department and to each manager. The feasibility study is customized to the unique attributes of the organization.


3) Coaching Skills Analysis: This assessment measures a coach’s set of skills specific to today's most common workplace coaching challenges. The self-analysis provides visibility using a three-step methodology that helps pinpoint strengths as well as areas of opportunity to improve specific to coaching skills.

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