A Coaching Program to Build Employee's Ability & Willingness to Accept Change and Overcome Challenge

What if every employee sought change, overcame challenge with a positive energy and attitude? Would that not be great? Most employees are trained specific to their job duties ;whereas, most discord with employee happiness occurs when change and challenge are present. This programs teach employees who to become superstars by embracing change and challenge.


Here are the top 10 characteristics of a superstar employee:


The top 10 characteristics of superstar employees:

  1. They promote others.
  2. They seek change.
  3. They accept change.
  4. They seek challenges for self-improvement and the betterment of the team.
  5. They provide visibility of discord to management without prejudice or attitude.
  6. They promote positive interaction and conversation versus negative conversation.
  7. They understand their work performance and mentality behind it has a direct influence on the team and the organization's success.
  8. They are willing to become self-aware of opportunities to improve without attitude and prejudice.
  9. They go to the source of where there is discord versus talking to other people that have no impact or influence on the situation or discord.
  10. They embrace discomfort and do the right thing void of the discomfort.

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